Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


This whole escapade is sounding more and more exciting by the minute! :grinning:


We’ll do a vote on here after the next one…

which reminds me…


Saturday 30th June

Clonc-edigion is nothing if it isn’t a democracy…

so with this in mind, with the next Clonc colliding with another final Saturday of bootcamp - the option to meet them was too good to turn down.

So would you rather…

  • Go with what we know and go to Emlyn Cafe in Tan-y-Groes like we did in April
  • Take a risk and go with something new - The Ship in Tresaith

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Let’s keep this open until the end of the weekend to give everyone a chance.

For info: Emlyn Cafe is where we went at the end of April - basically at the top of the big hill.
The Ship Inn is the pub at the bottom of that very same big hill, but its next to the beach.
The bootcampers will be staying somewhere in the middle (ish)


We could always try for the Ship, but if it’s too crowded, the Emlyn Café is only 5 minutes away, so we could decamp to there - best of both worlds :slight_smile:


This sounds like the voice of reason!


I think thats a resounding victory for The Ship.

I’ll get a poster knocked up.

As per Dee’s plan - I reckon meet up at 11, if we can grab a big table and get everyone seated then thats grand…
…if not we’ll make a dash up the road to Caffi Emlyn.


As a June bwtcampwyr, I’d like to say thanks for arranging your meetups to include us. See you all there.


We could always appoint a couple of bwtcampwyr to stake out a big table in The Ship before the hordes arrive :slight_smile:


This sounds like a plan.

I hope to be down there early, so I reckon if we were to be a bit anti-social (within reason) and 4 or 5 of us try and hog either a massive table or a couple of smaller tables next to each other, then we should be quite good :slight_smile:


I found out today that there is a new ‘gourmet’ burger restaurant opening in Aberystwyth called ‘Byrgyr’. Apparently, it has been set up by a group of local farmers and they are currently advertising for staff (Welsh essential!). I don’t know whether it will be suitable for one of our meetups, but I think @Nicky should go and test it out.


This new place is being run by a group of people, one of whom being the man running Siop y Pethe… Which is awesome!

I heard of this a few weeks back but didn’t want to say in case it didn’t happen. But yes, he wants to make it completely Welsh in terms of signage and staff.

Will keep an eye on this!


Other things I’ve now heard:

Menu will be bilingual but with Welsh first.
Menu will have “How to order in Welsh” bits.
Burgers will be pretty special.
A sit down kind of place, but not in the need to book a table kind of place.

Apparently will be open at some point next month, near the seafront I believe.


I’m in (assuming they do veggie burgers).


As a fellow meat refuser, I’ve been assured that they will have veggie burgers too.


Well, it’s confirmed - on the seafront!!


Can I confirm that we are still on for te Ship, Tresaith at 11 am this Saturday, 30th June?
Looking forward to seeing everyone including some bootcampers then. :smiley:


All confirmed here.

I will be trying to head down quite early, and if a couple of bootcampers come with me - I will try and hog a few tables. :slight_smile:


Was hoping to be there today but it never worked out. Hope all the bwtcampers turn up.


Sorry to have missed you mackie!

I didn’t check the forum this morning before heading out.


No worries, I’m sure there was lots more people there reluctantly heading back to there homes.
I’m stuck in BarryBados for the next few weekends with work. :sunglasses: