Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


Well that was a good effort guys!

Had a last minute change from The Ship Inn to the “Terrace, I suppose it is” of the nearby Coffee Hut overlooking Tresaith beach.

Tresaith is a challenging place to get to by car, on a sunny day - so for those who made it, I fully commend your efforts!! Those who couldn’t make it, we missed you but look forward to your company again.

Next one…

So there were some whispers about going a bit more northerly this time around after a couple of months of south Ceredigion-ish meetups.

The next Clonc-edigion is likely to fall in school holiday times, so I think that probably knocks any beach-side places off the agenda. @HuwJones gave a shout to a revisit back to Tregaron at the Riverside Cafe, which was really great last time and they spoke Welsh there too which was another bonus.

Byrgyr in Aber isn’t ready yet, so this could be a go-er?

Also date-wise, the National Eisteddfod takes up two the two first Saturdays in August which I suppose would probably have been our natural following date. So would anyone object to say… Saturday 28th July?

Thoughts and everything would be much welcomed :smiley:


@HuwJones gave a shout to a revisit back to Tregaron at the Riverside Cafe

Because numbers have been low for the last two meets, I thought we’d agreed that, if numbers were 8 or less (to be determined by a forum poll), the group would be welcome to meet in our home at Ystrad Meurig at the end of July, otherwise we could go back to the excellent Riverside or the new cafe in Tregaron. I’d be absolutely happy to go back to the Riverside and shall assume that this is now the plan.

I only found out about the venue shift when I bumped into Dee on my way to the Ship which makes me wonder if this last minute change had been arranged through Facebook etc, which I, and maybe others, do not use.


The change happened quite literally on the spot in Tresaith. Iestyn suggested it for a couple of reasons - firstly to give our patronage to somewhere that is an active supporter of Welsh rather than somewhere that sometimes rather begrudgingly acknowledges the language, and also so that he could let the kids play on the beach and keep an eye on them from the terrace. Nicky and I both went up to The Ship around 11ish to make sure there were no lost Clonc-edigers there, so we think everyone found the different venue.

Enjoy the next meetup - I probably won’t make it as I’m off to Portugal the following day :sunglasses:


Thanks again, Dee for taking time to explain and reassure me about my Facebook paranoia. Caredig iawn fel arfer. :smile:


Hi Huw,

Yes, it was a Iestyn thing at first, but we did try and keep someone in the Ship until about 11.10. Unfortunately a lot of that work was cancelled out by the Ships brewery parking a big HGV half way out of the car park on a delivery.

No updates anywhere unfortuntely because I couldn’t get any mobile reception down in Tresaith.

You reminded me, that yes we did discuss that idea! (Sorry, I’ve been home and out on the ale since that conversation), which leads me to the following poll…



With slightly lower numbers as of late, and with the summer holidays among us and people likely to be missing a Clonc or two with holidays/commitments etc.

If we were to arrange a Cloncedigion at the kind Huw’s house in Ystrad Meurig (not too far from Tregaron), would you be interested in coming?

Obviously due to the limitations of a personal home, Huw has very kindly set the limit at 8, before it starts getting to the point where people have to start sitting on people’s laps.

So, if you’re interested - let us know - if its 8 or less, excellent! If its 9+, then our backup plan will be Tregaron :slight_smile:

ALSO: Don’t say “I’ll pull out, just so others can come”, as we probably might not get 8 anyway!

  • Yes I would you be interested in a special “Huw’s house” Clonc-edigion!
  • No, I sadly cannot come as I’m away/busy/other things!

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NOTE: Ignore my grammar mistake in the first option, since the vote is open I cannot amend it - English is my second language now!


ALSO: Don’t say “I’ll pull out, just so others can come”, as we probably might not get 8 anyway!

Good point! I’d hate to think my numbers limit would dissuade anyone from coming. The Riverside just outside Tregaron proved to be an ideal alternative. (I haven’t forgotten my Bara Brith promise wherever we go :smiley:)


So far I’d say @HuwJones put the kettle on! Will give it a few more days for numbers :smiley:


Will do. :smile:
I’ll P.M. people with directions nearer the time.
M & I are looking forward to it

Note to self: Get the Hoover and duster out :smile:


Saturday 28th July
Cloncedigion: July.
Casa del Huw, Ystrad Meurig.

A special one-off home-based Cloncedigion hosted by the kind @HuwJones

This will be a special one-off/not really advertised Cloncedigion that will take place at Huw’s home - so if you want to come, please make yourselves known on this thread and Huw will send his address details to you closer to the date.

For those who don’t know, Ystrad Meurig is not too far from Pontrhydfendigaid (aka BONT), Tregaron and Ysbyty Ystwyth.

Normal Clonc-edigion service to resume at the end of August when we hope to visit a brand new venue in Aberystwyth!


I’ve sent by PM the promised directions to @helenlindsay, @BronwenLewis and @Nicky who responded “yes” in Nicky’s poll… If anyone else would like to come, let me know and I’ll send you directions by PM. :smile:


Big thanks to @Huw and family for his kind welcome offered on Saturday.

This occasion also marked the first time ever where someone has given me map co-ordinates for their house, which really shows just how “mid Wales” I am nowadays.

A great meetup, one that I was gutted to have to leave at 12:30 as I had my mother-in-laws birthday party to attend!

So, time to start thinking of next month.

The obvious stand-out candidate was Byrgyr in Aberystwyth, which is having a low key opening today (Official party in August apparently!).

Bearing in mind our now almost-usual “last Saturday of the month” may now clash with Bank holiday, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but might mean some people will be away.

Any preferences? We can even go into September if needs be?


Thanks for your kind comments, Nicky. Maureen, our family and I were delighted to host such an enjoyable Clonc.

My engagement diary is blank at the end of August and beginning of September (as it usually is :slight_smile: ) so I have no preference wrt dates. I am also happy with the newly opened Byrger as our next venue.


I’ll keep an eye on this thread as Aber is within easy reach and the new Byrgyr restaurant sounds interesting. :grinning:


Me too. My son is at Aber Uni so I can annoy him too !



All I’m waiting for is a reply from my friend to find out their opening hours.

I’m suspecting they may open at 12 midday, if this turns out to be the case is everyone OK with having a one off slightly later meetup?


Midday is fine with me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can make it.


Byrgyr, Aberystwyth - pretty much decided then on a general consensus… (@helenlindsay how is the Owain Glyndwr senedd doing? I know Iestyn was talking about tying this in with a Caffi Alys visit).

I’ve ruled Bank Holiday Saturday out, as Aberystwyth will be akin to a WWF Royal Rumble on that day!

So, vote with your feet…

  • Saturday 1st Sept.
  • Saturday 8th Sept.
  • I have no preference, either is fine.
  • I can’t make either.

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I’m hoping to have a spin up but won’t be sure if I can make it until closer to the day. Was sorry to miss ty Huw. Gentlemen and a scholar.


Gentlemen and a scholar