Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


Massive apologies! I thought you were from up Mach way!


I happened to sit next to a couple of people from Aberaeron at a History meeting last night, so I asked about eating places with Welsh-speaking staff. The only one they could suggest was the Harbourmaster, but they admitted it was expensive. They said most places in Aberaeron are, but they suggested we try the White Swan Inn in Llanon. Has anyone been there?

***Cancelled*** - Llandysul Meet-up, First Sunday of month, Calon Tysul

…I haven’t… but I know a man who has…


If it’s good enough for the Welsh Whisperer, it’s good enough for me! :joy:


I am happy to meet up in Ceredigion. I really enjoyed the meeting in Lampeter last Saturday and appreciate the help and support given by Huw, Dee and Margaret. Diolch yn fawr iawn. Hwyl am y tro


No issues with White Swan then…

any potential dates?
I’m away on Thur 13th to Mon 17th Dec


Good thing. :joy:


Taking a little break from my little break to say that Llanon is good for me. If it was good enough for Mam Dewi Sant, it’s good enough for me. :slight_smile: Sat 8th December works for me. @nicky is away on 15th and 22nd is too close to Christmas.
I enjoyed the Lampeter Clonc with @dee, @margaretnock and @elizabethrowley .
(Back to hibernation, now :slight_smile: )


I can’t do the 15th either, so that’s handy! I’ve been trying to decide between a couple of other things already on the 8th, but if that’s the group decision, then it takes the decision away and I’ll come to Llanon instead :slight_smile:

I’m going away on the 23rd, so the 22nd would be cutting it a bit fine for me as well.


Llanon on the 8th is fine for me too. Hwyl Beth


8th is our regular monthly meetup in Machynlleth so I’ll probably have to give this one a miss. See you all next year!


Looking quite likely I will be staying in Barry that weekend too. :upside_down_face:


I’m looking forward to our last meetup for the year - this Saturday (8 Dec), 11am in The White Swan Inn, Llanon. Who’s coming?


I will be there in some form!


I shall be there physically - mentally? - not so much. :smile:


Today’s Clonc has moved to the Monachty in Aberaeron!

Apologies for any inconvenience. The White Swan in Llanon was unexpectedly closed so we had to make a last minute decision literally in the car park outside


Thanks to all!

Showed some good teamworking skills by organising a “on the fly” Cloncedigion in Aberaeron when we turned up at the White Swan to find it closed!

Some very in-depth discussions today, fair play to us all!

Aberaeron has now inadvertently got a big Cloncedigion tick next to it!

Thanks to everyone who has made 2018 a great year for Cloncedigion! It’s hard to believe that next month we will be celebrating the 1 year birthday of our little get togethers. We’ve taken in Llandysul, Tregaron, Tre’r Ddol, Tan-y-Groes, (Ystrad Meurig - Huw’s Living Room), Aberystwyth, Llwyncelyn, Llanbedr Pont Steffan, Aberteifi, Tresaith …and Llanon (via…Aberaeron) over the last year!

Nadolig Llawen i bawb // Merry Christmas to all! And I look forward to seeing you all in January for 2019!


And thanks to you, @Nicky for the initiative. :smiley:

I’m comforted that the four of us put the world to rights and note with interest that two of our little group are off to mainland Europe for the Yuletide season … while you still can??? :wink:


Sorry the Macheteers couldn’t come, as we had our regular meet-up in Mach at Caffi Alys. If you can avoid 2nd Saturdays, we’ll try to join you next year!


Without everyone else it would just be me sitting in a cafe talking to myself. Of which I am already an expert who needs no further practice.