Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


I second that. It was a great moment of inspiration and I’m really enjoying catching up with people in different locations every month. It looks like we’ll all have to start checking out some of the venues in the lesser known parts of Ceredigion and seeing if we can unearth some Welsh-speaking gems and give them some support.


Hi, I have just joined and live in Ceredigion. Do you just turn up, or let somebody know? Are the meetings to get us to talk? How will somebody on Mynediad chapter 17 and just starting Aran’s boot camp cope?


Hi @sabine!

You can just turn up, but it’s a good idea to post here to say you’re coming then we know to keep an eye out for you. The meet ups are just social affairs where we get together over a cuppa, and sometimes food, and chat in Welsh. People join in as much as they can, but people of all levels are welcome. You’ll always find someone willing to sit with you and chat one to one, helping you to understand what those who have been learning for longer are saying.

I look forward to meeting you in the new year!


Hi Sabine.

We are a bit of a touring group. Usually 4 or 5 of us at every single one and a revolving cast of extras who pop up when they can :slight_smile:

Dee put it incredibly succinctly. It’s a social group for Welsh speakers and learners where the overall goal is being friends. So the overall chat is basically catching up, seeing how everyone is doing, finding it what everyone is doing over the next month etc :slight_smile:
We are in the process of sorting a venue for the next one so it would be great to see you there!


Dee, Nicky, thanks for the warm welcome! Sounds great and will try and join you if not too far from Lampeter. Nadolig Llawen :christmas_tree:


I live in Llandysul, so if it’s somewhere further north I could always come via Lampeter and we could car share. Do you know about the 11am Tuesday group in the Mulberry Tree in Lampeter? They’re not an SSiW group, but they’re extremely friendly and always welcome new people along.


Great idea but I don’t actually live in Lampeter, Llanybydder and Llandysul are all similar distance. Live in the sticks, 3 miles of main road. We’ll see, thanks for the offer. Yes, know of them but got 2 commitments Tuesday, including welsh lessons pm at Llandysul :slight_smile:


We’ll have to meet up for a coffee sometime after you have your lesson! Fancy you having it in Llandysul!


:slight_smile: not until 6 pm, finishes at 8. Used to go at Lampeter, but class closed, like so many. Would love to find an affordable private tutor and get on with it. Keep looking for alternative classes, would like to be able to talk one day and understand what is said!!! Week courses no good for me, brain overload. But also got my animals to think about…


Have you been using the SSiW course material? People get very good results with the 6 month course and you can fit it into your daily schedule without going anywhere. You can read more about it at


Yes started 6 days ago, that is how I have found this group. Came across it as tutor mentioned Nicky’s “adopt a learner” thing. It really makes you think, and the words stick, hurray


Just sending my best wishes to @Nicky who was involved in a slight car accident a few days ago. Luckily he only sustained a broken rib and whiplash, and he sounds like he’s bouncing back in his usual cheery manner. Get well soon @Nicky! :bouquet:


Diolch Dee!

Yep. One or two broken ribs, whiplash and a bump on my head.

Ironically for this thread I was heading down to watch New Quay vs. Dewi Stars play football… Until a vehicle on the other side of the road decided to overtake on a single carriageway and hit me head on.

Incident reported in Welsh and statement given to the police in the language of the heavens too!! :joy::joy::joy:


Hope you feel better soon @Nicky. :grapes:


All the best, Nicky, for a speedy recovery!


Take care, Nicky. Don’t do too much until you’re fully recovered.

On the plus side, pleased to see that you treated it as another opportunity to siarad Cymraeg, as usual!


Oh, no! You were lucky it wasn’t more serious. Take it easy and rest while you’re recovering.


Those familiar with the A487 will probably know that house pretty well!


This confirms my long-held belief that venturing to the south of Porthmadog is VERY DANGEROUS.

Glad it wasn’t worse for you, chief, and brysia wella.


Take it easy until you’re fully fit! @Nicky