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Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


IMPORTANT - Please circulate as widely as possible to fellow “Cloncers”
Riverbank Cafe is closed due to weather

However, I’ve just checked with Cafe Hafan (part of Rhiannon’s the Welsh Jeweller) and they expect to be open tomorrow. As I write, the roads around are clear and traffic is flowing. I shall turn up at Cafe Hafan at 11:00 tomorrow (Sat) morning and I hope to see as many of you there as can make it. :smile: .

Cafe Hafan / Rhiannon are on Tregaron Square just opposite the Talbot (which is an excellent gastro-pub.


Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully roads will be OK tomorrow. :+1:


I’ve just seen the infamous Pembrokeshire dangler has been forecast. :snowman_with_snow:


Thanks - the Three Macheteers will see you there!


Thanks Huw! Once again superb work from our roving reporter out in the East!

I haven’t publicized this Clonc outside of the SSIW forum this time around, I’ve been pretty busy this month - but at least this now means everyone who will be coming will now have seen the forum post :smiley:

I’m tempted to park up near to The Riverbank until about 11.10 just to shepherd off anyone who does show up, then I’ll come down and join everyone!


Hi Guys.

Myself I may not make it. I’ve woken up with a massive headache and being dizzy. Taken painkillers and if it improves I’ll be there. But just a heads up if I’m not :slight_smile:


Head down rather than heads up, I think - back under the duvet with you!


Sorry to hear that Nicky. I hope you’ll be there, but totally understand if you’re not. Look after yourself xx


Sorry to hear that! :frowning_face:
Despite the adversities, the International section is determined to be there, and to consider coming back for another clonc with those who might not be present this time for one reason o’r another! :grin:


Well, that was fun! Topics included the anomalous expansion of water, a helpful Radio Cymru tip on cleaning your toilet brush and a lively debate on the best decade for British music (the 60s, obvs). We only mentioned the B word (Birthday) briefly, in order to wish everyone Penblywdd Hapus for Cloncedigion’s 1st birthday. And to remember our Founding Father - sorry you couldn’t be with us, Nicky.


Thanks all!

I made it out this afternoon and I was quite pleased to actually bump into @dee and @gisella-albertini in Aberystwyth, so not all was lost!


I think you must have blacked out for a moment when we voted, Bronwen. It was definitely the 70s.


@isata def agree with you!
@dee Thank you very much again for the lift, hope you and Gisella hat a great time with Nicky in Aberystwyth.!

@all the others - it was lovely to meet you all!


I really appreciate our Cloncedigion get-togethers and meeting up with friends from all over Ceredigion and beyond but this CloncEwrop was especially enjoyable because of the presence of @gisella-albertini and @Ingrid.L - all brought together by our shared interest in Welsh through SSiW.

As @BronwenLewis said, our conversation was very wide ranging but I’m relieved that she has not revealed the seamier topics - “what happens in Clonc stays in Clonc” :slight_smile: @isata had me retell the painful episode in my teenage years (which I shared in Pump am y Pen… about being “stood up”). Retelling it in Welsh didn’t diminish the pain one bit. :sob:

I found it very sobering but interesting to hear how forthcoming political events or non-events could/would impact us all.

Thanks as well to @dee, @helenlindsay and @Macky. I always enjoy spending time with you. We missed @Nicky and I’m glad he was able to meet up with Dee and Gisella.

I got the impression that the substitute venue, Cafe Hafan, was appreciated by everyone. The staff are entirely Welsh speaking and its situation within Rhiannon’s makes it interesting.



Nice to see you all. It was a lovely drive up and back too. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the great photos, paparazzo (including the statue of our celebrated Henry Richard). :smile:


I apologise profusely. I shouldn’t have brought up such a sensitive subject, but I’m sorry to admit that I enjoyed the story thoroughly. And laughter is the best medicine!

It was lovely to meet up with you all today. I’m sorry @Nicky couldn’t make it, but what a beautiful thing you’ve created! Hope you’re feeling better.


Diolch yn fawr everybody, I had a real great time today, but now my brain is melted and this is all I’m able to write. :scream:
More later! :scream::grinning:


There will be a weekend folk festival in Mach this year, to celebrate St David’s Day. I’m definitely up for that, and offering to help - see my new forum post. Would it make sense to have our March Cloncedigion in Mach also?