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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg ๐ŸŽ‰


You have ADD too? Yay! Iโ€™m not alone :slight_smile: can we keep in touch? support each other?

Di :slight_smile:


Haha, sure! Iโ€™m number 10 on the list, though fair warning, my Welsh is super shaky at the moment!


I was thinking more ADHD support in pursuing SSiW. Maybe we could start a new thread? There must be more of us! Or we could PM or Whatโ€™s App ? I struggle so much with organisation and feel so down on myself sometimes, itโ€™s good to have people who understand itโ€™s a brain thing not a character thing.


Thank you Kate(#119) and Nicola (#168) for my cards. the very first ones I have had!! I came home full of cold - coughing and sneezing - and the postcards cheered me up no end.

Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Pa rhif wyt ti @Gog? Which number are you ?


Sesiwn Cardiau Post penwythnos ma :smile::star_struck: llawer o hwyl!




@Gog Ah dw iโ€™n gwybod pwy sy โ€˜na rwan ( ac maeโ€™r rhif yn esbonio pam dim ond dau) bydd un ar y ffordd i tiโ€™n fuan :smile:


Dw i wedi cael un arall dros y penwythnos. Ar hyn o bryd, dw i ddim yn gweithio yn agos adra felly ches i ddim checkioโ€™r post bob dydd. Dw iโ€™n gweithio yn Dde Cymru, yn yr ardal get Abertawe ( Gwyr, Ammanford, Mumbles, Bishopston ac ati).


Does anyone know what Nuriaโ€™s name is on the forum? I wanted to email her.


Dim syniad sori @amandalaing


Not everyone in the club is on the forum. It would be great to have both names, as Iโ€™d hate to send a card to someone I feel I know quite well, without knowing it. But I can understand that some people want to keep their online and offline persons separate.


Yes, it would be good to know!
At least for those who donโ€™t mind linking the online-offline persons.


@gisella-albertini @margaretnock. The Post Card Club is open to all and is not directly linked to the forum.
We would like people to join slack ( welsh speaking practice) however because this is the platform for discussion.
On slack I put peopleโ€™s number after their name if they have not previously joined There is a postcard channel on slack. #channel

You could try looking for her on slack @amandalaing
Eg Nia71


Barod i anfon yfory. Maeโ€™n dal mis Ionawr, tydy? Dw i ddim yn rhy hwyrโ€ฆ :wink: Sending these tomorrow - itโ€™s still January isnโ€™t it, so Iโ€™m not really that late!


When I was in London a few months ago I bought some from a shop by Paddington station 4 for a ยฃ1. There were smaller ones 6 for a ยฃ1 I think. Just for info if youโ€™re ever over that way :slight_smile:


we hope to arrange a weekend of activities around this AGMโ€ฆ so please let us know as soon as possible if you want to come or youโ€™d like us to help you find a place to stay :smile:


Diolch i Aled #4 Fiona #15, Clare#21, Camilla #70, Nia #71, Cat #73, Eris #80, Karen #84, Alison #92, Marcus #102 a Kate #119 am eich cardiau a dderbyniwyd yn ystod yr ychydig fisoedd diwetha.


Dwi isio ymenu


@paul-jenkins-1 you should have received an e-mail :smile: