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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Sut mae Iestyn. You know me as I came to the launch of SSIW all those years ago and even though I’ve done a lot of Welsh learning I still struggle with listening and understanding so I’ve decided to come back for another go! The other reason is I have three colleagues who are learning with this method and we meet up once a week if we can and have a lunchtime chat - Cinio Cymraeg - where we help each other. The only thing I’m struggling with at the moment is the long sentences so I have to write them down before translating as I cant remember all the sentence - a sign of old age.

I work for the RSPB in Cardiff and that’s the only place I get to speak Welsh as I don’t have family or friends who are Welsh speakers that I speak to often. I’m really enjoying what I’ve done so far. I’m so glad that SSIW is such a success.


Welcome to the forum, Vera.
The lunchtime chat sounds like a great idea!

Many of us - including myself -struggle with the long sentences. But from my experience, they all work out in the end: I actually followed the guidelines not too worry too much about getting it all right at once - just say whatever you’re able to say, even if it’s just one or two words. Most of the sentences will come back in next lessons and will just naturally get better. (some maybe won’t. I wrote them down too, later, and it sure helped getting them all correct).


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Welcome back!
Oh…you have your own cwrs :hushed:


I was there too, rather nervously giving a little speech, but it’s amazing to think how far SSiW has come since those days. Great to have you back with us @vera-vaughan!


I just did my fifth sentence and I’m quite enjoying it! Am thoroughly enjoying learning Welsh.
Looking forward to the next sentence!


Great, Anna! And welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Hi my Father spoke welsh fluently as did many relations when I was growing up. Apart from a few words I know nothing and don’t know how to put a sentence together. I’m really hoping this will help me and look forward to learning more. I was really pleased to find this.


Welcome to the forum, Ceri! It’s going to be interesting to see how much passive Welsh you might have in there - the first few lessons will soon show if you do… :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr! That’s one I do remember.


Welcome to the forum, Ceri! Have fun and be sure to come ask any questions, we are always willing to help :slight_smile: