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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Hi Ros, and a very warm welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

It’s going to be great to hear how the journey goes for you - it’s often particularly entertaining when people have got a fair bit of passive Welsh to begin with…

Lots of people use Duolingo and SSiW - some have a preference, others see it as a horses for courses kind of thing - so don’t worry, however you choose to go will be good… :slight_smile:

North or south… I don’t think it matters in terms of fitting with Duolingo, it’s more about you and how you feel… your sense of belonging to the south inclines me to think that’s the best way forward for you, because you’ll adapt to northernisms easily enough if you find yourself living up here (you can also do selected challenges from the northern course, and the northern listening work, to help you adapt when necessary)… :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on how it goes! And where’s your mother? Catrin and I are just outside Carmel, Stine is in Penygroes, Beca is in Llanrug, so ‘foot of Snowdon’ is pretty much SSiW territory… :wink:


Many thanks for your welcome Aran - lovely to be a part of this! I have just completed day three of the one sentence programme and the buzz I got from being able to to say it all in one go by the end was amazing! 30 seconds of fluency feels just great even if I am completely stuck thereafter at the moment!! :slight_smile:
My mother lives in Brynrefail so only just around the corner and, bizarrely, having explored the site a little more, her partner runs a small business at Parc Menai - so a very small world! I actually lived in Llanberis for a couple of years back in the early 90s when I was doing a lot of climbing and mountaineering and it is definitely where I would like to end up again one day.
I have, after doing lesson three both ways, settled on the South Wales version for now as it just ‘felt’ more familiar and, as you say, I think it will just make it easier for me to learn because the rhythms and accent are more ingrained and familiar - speaking it is like slipping into a known yet not known pattern - but I know any Northern variations will be easy to come by and understand in time.
Kindest regards and many thanks for such an amazing resource


Hallo, I’m Sue, I’m 68 and I’ve been learning Welsh since I was a child, but I still feel like a beginner. I was born and grew up in London but my Nain and her sister, who were first language Welsh speakers, lived with us. They’d talk to each other in Cymraeg when they didn’t want the rest of the family to know what they said! I learnt only a few words from them, but I did learn to pronounce. Wind forward 50 years, and my husband and I agreed we’d move to Wales when we retired. By now we were living in Sussex and there were no classes I could get to, but the London Welsh Centre pointed me to Nant Gwrtheyrn, and for the next few years I went there for a course every year. Six years ago, we came to live in Llandudno, and we love it. Since we’ve lived here, I’ve
attended weekly classes.


Hi everyone. SSI was recommended to me by a teacher friend and I’ve just joined. Apologies for not having read through all of this thread, but I hope to get to know you all by and by.

I’m German and have lived in Llangattock near Crickhowell for the last seven years. Not exactly a Welsh-speaking area, so my attempts at picking something up on the go haven’t been successful. Hubby and I have tried a course, but I’m sorry to say it bored us out of our minds, so here I am!

I did the first eight of Aran’s Lockdown Welsh sessions on YouTube last night and enjoyed them very much! I’ve got a question though: In one of your “lead-in documents” you say how learning by translation is so difficult and ineffective (with which I’ve always agreed, having been a language teacher and teacher trainer myself - as you know, the most difficult customers, haha …). However, the one-sentence method here involves translating from English all the time - how does that add up?

I love the “chunking” that seems to be a central part of your method, and the NOT focussing on grammar. I work as a copy editor for a language education publisher these days, and the fact that even new coursebooks still revolve around grammar topics just drives me to distraction. Many colleagues agree, but unfortunately it’s what the customers (i.e. the language teachers) want.

Sorry about the tangent rant. :slight_smile: It was actually meant as praise by contrast!
So - Dw i’n edrych ymlaen at dysgu Cymraeg â chi!


or: at ddysgu? :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone, I’m a bit shy, so bare with me. I have just started the taster course, if someone had told me I would be able to say these sentences a few days ago, I wouldn’t have believed them. It just sort of works, I don’t know how though! I have been trying to learn Welsh for years, my grandchildren speak Welsh as their first language, and I want to speak with them. I know I have a long way to go, but I’m so enjoying the taster lessons. I’m going to sign up for the course. I want to wish everyone good luck, and also we’ll done.

New learner saying hello

Hi everyone! Just completed day 3 & I have got the biggest smile on my face!!! I am absolutely loving learning the beautiful Welsh language (or should I say, yr iaith Gymraeg :wink:).

I’ve chosen to learn the South Wales option, as my family are originally from Llywnypia (maternal grandmother & her sister). What options have others chosen & why?


Hello Victoria, I think you sent me a message asking how things were going, I couldn’t find where to click reply as it sent me here, I apologise as I’m not good with new sites. I’m glad to see you’re enjoying the course, its encouraging for people like me who have tried to learn Welsh for years and not got anywhere. Like you I’m smiling and so proud of myself, and that’s only after the taster! I’ve chosen North region as that’s my home. Good luck.:+1::smile:


Interesting point. I suppose that it’s because we have to start to learn in a medium that we understand already.


I’m new to the site. I’ve started learning Welsh because my Grandmother lived in Wales and my Mum was born there. They didn’t speak any Welsh around me, but I’m hoping to move there one day. I love the sound of Welsh and I love Wales. I’m enjoying Say Something loads so far - after my first five days. I’ve been trying Duolingo but it doesn’t feel very satisfying…


Hi there! I’ve finally moved to the beautiful Gower which is where I’ve always considered home to be having been coming here my whole life and my mum being from here. Learning Welsh has been on my bucket list for far too many years but I have finally taken the first steps and completed Day 1. Your website was recommended by a friend of mine who is willing to help me practice my Welsh as I go through the course. Through learning the language I am looking forward to becoming more connected to my heritage and hoping to play a small part in keeping this language alive! I’m excited to be a part of this community :slight_smile:


Hi. I was born in Pontycymmer, lived in Swansea and Rhyl till I was 18, learned to speak Welsh up to “O”level standard but then moved to England (Harrogate at present) where I’ve lived for the last 50 years. I’ve always wanted to relearn & reclaim my ability to speak Welsh and I’m surprised after three sessions how many words I remember although it’s a bit of a struggle sometimes, but enjoying the challenge.


Wow @wynn-james I live in Harrogate! There are loads of learners and speakers in Yorkshire - we are zooming every Saturday at the moment - but you are the first (well second!) in Harrogate on SSIW to my knowledge!

Rich :slight_smile:


I’m new to the forum (not even sure how to post) I did 2 years in college 2 nights a week about 7 years ago and came away with lots of words for ‘things’ but not much glue to pop them in a sentence. I started SsiW about 18 months ago but didn’t get past challenge 3 due to a lack of commitment then in March this year, the start of our lockdown, I decided that I would pick it up and run with it. It frustrates me that I’m still not able to hold a conversation despite living in Anglesey the past 11 years and living with a Welsh farmer.
Anyway, its just now I’ve visited the forum and already I’ve learnt I’m doing it wrong :woman_facepalming: I’ve been going through each lesson about 3 times until I’m pretty much word perfect and I’ve just read that that isn’t necessary. :joy:
I’m currently at Level 2 challenge 5 so have quite a bit of language in the bank but with a lack of confidence, don’t use it (my other half being unhelpful and looks at me like I’m demented if I try) however, my reason for visiting the forum today was to tell someone that last night (after a glass of wine) i put my big girl pants on and ordered myself another wine completely in Welsh :grimacing: I ran through the sentence a million times in my head and coughed it out to the OH first to make sure it sounded ok but normally, even after all that preparation, I’d be chicken at the last second so :raised_hands: to me and now I’ve found the forum, I will be back :wink:



Llongyfarchiadau mawr @carla - congratulations - that is huge! :dancer: :dizzy: :sunny: :boom:

Rich :slight_smile:


Shwmae, Day One on a new journey! A proud born and bred Welshman who’s never been able to speak his own language…is how I’ve felt for over 50 years! I did try many years ago in night school but struggled with confidence and eventually dropped out. I now live in Scotland and have been toying with the idea of this method of learning for a while and now I’ve taken the plunge or at least completed the day one task sent to me on email. Not sure what comes next or the different options open to me as yet, I assume I’ll get follow-up emails laying out the options. Either way I’m looking forward to this immensely and dream of the day I’m able to speak with my first language Welsh friends confidently and to see the look on the faces when I finally get there!


Shwmae and good for you! Also just starting out on SSi. My goal is exactly the same as yours. Best of luck.


Diolch, I have logged in - I completed the first sentence yesterday but can’t find a blue box, apart from one that says ‘back’


Hello, I’ve been living in Llandudno for 3 years and thought it was time to make an effort to learn some of the language. With the recent lockdowns I thought this might be an ideal point with more time on my hands!
I’ve done the first couple of lessons and they seem to be easing me into things quite gently. It would be nice to eventually converse in Welsh on a basic level so fingers crossed!!


Hi. I just signed up to see how this all works so I’ve got the Beginner sample activities. I’m already Advanced though. Is there a way to try out the Advanced level?