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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Hi there,
My name is Julie. I just started SiW and have done Day 2. I’m using the North Wales program. I noticed for words like “dysgu” and “caru” in which the “u” is much like an English strong “e” sound (ē) that it sounds like Aran (if that’s you on the recording) :slight_smile: that it seems like you’re saying that sound a little further back, maybe positioning your tongue further back than English “e” ? Is that true? I’m trying to match your sound. I’m from the US (Southern California) and I’m sure even if I try very hard to get the accent, I won’t get it perfect. A native of Wales will be able to tell I’m not from there (if I get to visit someday) but I still want to get as close as I can.
Pointers, please. :slight_smile:
Also, i used Duolingo to learn some Scottish Gaelic, which was great since they used native speakers. But I had no patience for Duolingo Welsh. They have a really dreadful computer voice that doesn’t get pronunciations right. Finding your program is wonderful and I’m so grateful.
One of my reasons for changing to learn Welsh is I fell in love with the song “Dacw 'Nghariad” as sung by Eve Goodman. It seems like a fairly popular folk song given that there are multiple versions on YouTube.
Thanks in advance for a pronunciation tip.
Pob hwyl,


For me, today is what Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables would have called a “Jonah day.” I really wasn’t feeling like doing my 1SiW day 4 lesson. But finally, at 11 pm my time, i decided not to skip it. Wouldn’t you know, it actually felt fairly easy today. There was only one new word added. I made a couple minor mistakes.
Actually, yesterday’s lesson wasn’t too super hard. And the last two days, I’ve been doing the lessons precisely as Aran recommends in his learning advice. Each night, when I go to sleep, i spend a little while saying sentences I’ve learned.
Onward and upward. Let’s see if I can keep this up without missing a day for all of 1SiW. I think this is a short program regarding number of lessons, so the plan is to not miss.
Alright, that’s how I’m doing. Pob hwyl


Ok, looks like Day 5 is the last day of 1SiW. Now, per program advice, I’ll rest a few days. Then see what my next email says. I think there’s other free lessons in the app and I know there is on YouTube, so I’ll probably work through those before I start a paid program, but I’ll keep visiting the forums here too.
Pob hwyl! :hibiscus:


Just completed my first challenge and am really pleased. Pressed pause 3× so I could assimilate what was just said in English. :roll_eyes:


It can take a little time to remember the English but most people say they get better at it as they work through the course :slight_smile:


I’m sure I will, and it’s not at all bothering me. I was just surprised not remembering the order in my own language !!! :roll_eyes:


Also, depending on exposure to local English, it sometimes takes a while to tune in.


I can now do the fisrt sentene of challeng 1 wuthout stopping !!! Yaay !


Sorry for typos…fat finger syndrome and lack of checking !


Hi there. I have lived in Wales for 7 years and feel sad that I don’t understand enough Welsh to talk to people so I decided to do this as I want to be able to speak to my clients in Welsh. I am a counsellor and mental health trainer and excited to get started!