Free(ish) Bootcamp - after the 10th birthday party - who's coming?


So, as promised in the 10th birthday party thread, Catrin and I will be hosting a kind of free Bootcamp for everyone who wants to spend an extra week in Caernarfon speaking Welsh, AFTER the 10th birthday party - so running from 1 June to 8 June (or possibly Friday to Friday if we can’t get Saturday to Saturday).

I say free-ish, because we’ll need to cover accommodation costs, but that’s all. You’re welcome to sort out your own accommodation, or to ask us to find and arrange something for you - we’ll have a go at getting a few places where quite a few people can stay, and then we’ll put you directly in touch with them for payment.

Because we’re making this open-ended for numbers, it’s not going to be a traditional Bootcamp - we’ll be around for the week to speak Welsh with you, and Catrin being Catrin we’ll almost certainly arrange a few ‘come along if you want to’ events - but we won’t be sorting out transport or chivvying you not to be late or any of that kind of stuff… :wink:

So if you’d like to attend the post-party-10 Bootcamp, please post in this thread - and please ONLY post if you’re definitely coming - if you have questions, stick 'em in here:

If you’re coming, please post:

Accommodation please (if you’d like us to organise your accommodation) OR Sorting my own accommodation (if not)
Wednesday night meal out (if you’d like to come to a meal out on the Wednesday night)
Friday night meal out (if you’d… you get it, right? ;-))

I think this is going to be one of our most memorable Bootcamps ever… :slight_smile:

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Free(ish) Bootcamp questions
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Accommodation please, joining in with all eat outs and that sorta thing, which I’d like to say “Up with”…


Own accommodation sorted (we now live in Llanrug, 3 miles from Caernarfon! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )
Would love to join in with all eating events.
My wife, Anita, is coming to the SSiW 10th Party (which is dwyieithog of course) but wouldn’t be joining me on the bootcamp (Cymraeg only by definition, we assume). Unless she absorbs enough Welsh over the next 7 months, of course!


Accommodation, please! (And meals out, etc.)

Free(ish) Bootcamp questions

@dee - could you stick this in the next email, ogydd? :slight_smile:


Accommodation please and meals out sound fine :slight_smile:

Edit: happy to share a room btw!


Putting my hand up in this thread. I booked Sunday night in the Premier Inn (pretty sure I took the cheap option so can’t change the booking) but would appreciate accommodation from the Monday to the Saturday for the free(ish) Bootcamp.


I put my name down when booking party. Will arrange own accommodation and interested in meal out Wednesday, ? Friday. Many thanks


I’m interested for accommodation and meals etc


I’ll be there for the week - have B&B booked for the Fri and Sat but can cancel so put me down for whatever’s on offer (prefer not to share a room though).



I’m booked in a hostel and will stay there until Wednesday, or so. Won’t have my own transport. I’m away for eight nights for the Eisteddfod and don’t think I can justify two whole weeks away, so close together. Thus says the woman who was away for 9+ months last year!


Accommodation and both meals out, please :slight_smile:


Hotel booked for Fri and Sat for the party.

Accommodation and everything else for the remainder please. :slight_smile:

Happy to pay for the duration if it helps. (As in pay for Sat to Sat even though I’ll only be using it Sun to Fri.)





Will use my camper. Meals though please.


I’m in! I’ve booked accommodation for the week. Please include me in all meals/events etc. And many thanks!


Sounds great! I’ve got accommodation fri/Sat already, but up for accommodation for the remainder and meals out please


Accommodation and meals out please


In order to get some peace of mind I went ahead and booked the flight and the accomodation. Both meals out for me, please :slight_smile:


accommodation and meals out for me, please :slight_smile: