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Gaming yn Gymraeg


I’m starting up a board/card/RPG group in Welsh in Swansea on Tuesday evenings. First sess is 18/02/2020 in Copper Bar. From 18:30 on…

Learners Welcome of course! (Of the language or games!)

Gaming Remotely

When I was working in Quebec in 1985, I spent many evenings playing Dungeon and Dragons in Quebecois French. My French improved but my gaming skills didn’t. :smile:


One for the email @leiafee?


Aw shucks. I’m really jealous! :stuck_out_tongue:
Makes me want to pay Swansea/Abertawe a visit at some point. I usually only get to see Gwynedd when I go to Wales, but I do want to see more of the country - chasing games and gamestores is good motivation! :stuck_out_tongue:
Really nice initiative! :smiley:


Bump… Tonight :slight_smile:


Def should!


Okay. Let’s try this again in the age of ‘hunan ynysu’…