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Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)


Yup! Maybe you just got your blue one too soon to notice the green one :slight_smile:




Da iawn @carole-craven! Novem is away today, so I’ve just popped in to check on the badges and seen your question :star2:



Hi @kiara-dixey, great question! Do you have your red badge (5 minute challenge) recording somewhere as well? Here’s an emoji green badge for you in the meantime :sparkle: :slight_smile:




Da iawn @KP1 and @suzanne-jones-1! Useful questions! :smile::sparkle:



My question:


Da iawn @paulinehomer a @jane-gerloff! :sparkle: :sparkle:



Here is mine - hope it is understandable (+ reasonably correct)! Thanks


I have no idea how to use this forum! But, hopefully I am parking my question from challenge 19 in the right place!


Mae’n drwg ‘da fi, dwi’n hwyr!
I’m sorry, I’m late!

Dyma fy ngwestion i / here’s my question:


Here are your green badges! Great questions everyone :slight_smile:


@caroline-christian - That worked fine, good job! I’m just missing your red badge (5 minute challenge) recording before I can give you your green one… do you have that somewhere? :blush: Let me know if I can help!



My simple question; level 1

I have no clue how the badge system works - how do you tell which color you are?


When you have a ‘badge’, you’ll see a little coloured speech bubble next to your picture. Only one badge can show, so the sequence is pink > red > green > blue.


I am so lost on how to navigate the forum. I will go back through the challenges to find the red badge exercise. Thank you!