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Great Welsh Videos for Learners made by SSiWers


‘Easy Language’ is something I’d never come across before. Da iawn Sylv to think of & get started on his new source of learning & interest. :+1:


Not to be impatient (OK, definitely being impatient!) but when can we expect part 2? I thought part 1 was great, I’ll just have to come up with some hideously technical solution to seeing the subtitles (post-its!)…


Thanks for all your lovely comments and likes @mikewilliams-1 @aran @PhilgJones @AlanP @s-coates1 @Hishiv @irfonifans @annmoore @rosemaryburgess it really means a lot :+1::+1::+1: And thanks for newlettering the post @dee :blush:

I’m editing now, and one of my old tutors will do the translating (BIG THANKS GARETH! :star2: ) so 1-2 weeks fingers crossed. Though the next video will be another location and you’ll have to wait for Dolgellau Part 2 until the third or fourth video I’m afraid :wink:

Credit has to go to the “Easy Languages” team really and their enthusiasm for language learning and all the hard work they have put into creating Easy German and the rest of the videos all over the world, I just spotted a gap! They are very supportive to those setting up videos in new languages (so if anyone wants to do one in their neck of the woods, go for it!)


@KateM Kaaaaate! Maybe :confused: But defo the party :blush: xx


Thanks @nicola-l-goodall miss you! Are you coming to the 10th birthday party? x


I’ve just got round to watching this video - very good! I follow the German version from time to time and it’s been really useful to see the language being used on the street using everyday conventional topics as a feature for each episode… I hope to see more, it seems as though there’s a demand for videos like this…also, I’d be happy to help out - Caerfyrddin, Aberteifi, Emlyn, Llandysul, Llandeilo, Llanbed, etc are all towns I could get to and where you should get a decent number of Welsh speakers out and about…Diolch!!


Easy Languages - Somerset

“How be on?” - “Good morning”

" 'right?" - “How do you do?”

“Where’s it to?” - “Where is it?”

“I be” - “I am”

“He be” - “He is”

“You be” - “You are”

“They be” - “They are”

“We be” - “They are”

Can’t see it catching on, although you can’t deny that we’ve simplified verb conjugations around here!


Great, looking forward to the party so much and if you can stick around for a bit so much the better - seems like it’s going to be very flexible (like the therapy weekend). Might be a good chance to make another video?! I’d be happy to help.


Oo great idea :slight_smile:


OK new one up:
1-2 videos per months is the plan for 2019. Merry Christmas all :blush:


Great stuff. Keep them coming. Diolch :facepunch::facepunch::sunglasses::+1:


Bendigedig! Diolch!


I love it. I love these videos. They’re so confidence boosting when you see how Welsh speakers don’t worry about dropping a couple of English words in here or there (“Seriously brysur”, for example). As a learner you’re worried about getting everything right, and these videos show that’s it’s more important to be understood than to be 100%. Keep them coming, they’re gwych!


Machynlleth this time:


The best yet, in my unbiased opinion!


Yay! Another video!! Diolch!

I agree with others who have said this is the best one yet. I found this the easiest to understand, perhaps because the vocabulary was more familiar to me.

Keep them coming!


Diolch yn fawr iawn!!

It’s so great to be able to have something I find easier to understand after being used to listening to Radio Cymru and feeling a little drowned in all the words I don’t know yet!

Plus, so much more encouraging to do the victory dance after understanding three sentences rather than three words!! :grin: :tada:


I liked this one a lot too!

I can’t tell if there were fewer people or each one for some reason got to talk more than usual or the particular questions they were asked…anyway somehow I felt more involved in the stories they were telling.

By the way I love the “music” of the way Mr. Mike Williams speaks!


Brilliant, thank you again!


When was this filmed? This does not look like the Machynlleth weather I know of!!

You’re getting dangerously close to Aberystwyth now :smiley: