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Gwaith arbennig o dda A fyddai posib i ni gyfarfod Sylv? Dw i’n byw yn Cwmllinau wrth Machynlleth
Wnaeth Dennis Jones stopio fi yn Machynlleth diwrnod o’r blaen i ddweud bod o wedi cael ei holi :slight_smile:


Michael Williams is a star fair play ! What I like most about the video is that it’s so true to nature, nothing false at all


Um September :smirk:


Wrth cwrs. Ro’n i’n arfer byw ym Machynlleth ond dw i’n byw yng Gaerdydd nawr, wi’n rhoi gwybod i ti y tro nesa wi’n yn ol yng ganolbarth Cymru.

Ie, es i penwythnos diwetha a 'neathon ni bach o ffilmio yng ngorris, a ro’n ni’n ei ddal e mynd am dro :blush: oedd e’n arfer cymydog fy ffrind.

Diolch! Yes, was pleased to get a Mach celeb on board :smile:


Is he? So how can I join the ffan clwb Micheal Williams? :smiley:


I love the ‘Easy Languages’ videos! I’ve been watching the ‘Easy Spanish’ and ‘Easy Polish’ ones and just found out about ‘Easy Welsh’ last night. It’s a great supplement to ‘SSI Welsh’, especially as it involves conversation with real life Welsh speakers from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. It’s a fantastic way to contextualise what you learn with ‘SSI Welsh’, as well as improve your vocabulary and listening comprehension skills. You can pick up words, phrases and ‘formulaic blocks’ from these videos and integrate them into your future Welsh conversations to make you more and more fluent and natural sounding.

I’m looking forward to more videos from you. I know right now it’s probably not the weather for going out on the streets talking to people, but I’m sure once we get to the spring there will be more. It’d be great if you could go to a lot of different towns or cities all over Wales so that we get a good mix of the different dialects. The first 3 videos seem to be filmed around mid Wales, so I wonder if the people there speak a mix of Southern and Northern Welsh? I was able to recognise a lot of words and grammatical structures I’ve learned from the Southern Course anyway.


Regarding the latest Easy Welsh video, right at the beginning someone says “Dw i 'di Jayden” or something like that. How does that translate?


I also wanted to add that thanks to the double/triple speed listening drills in the ‘SSI Welsh’ courses, the speakers in the ‘Easy Welsh’ videos really do seem very slow and clear in comparison (of course, they are simply talking at normal speed). The concept of double/triple speed listening really does work if you stick with it!


It says in the transcript that it also means ‘I’m Jayden’, but I’m not sure either. The ‘di’ part looks like a shortened form of ‘wedi’. Perhaps this is just a dialect thing, a different way of saying ‘I’m…’. Can someone with more experience chime in and clear this question up?


Number 4 now up (Cletwr Part 2):
(Big thanks to @Macky and @Hishiv for the help recording the intros in a pub corridor by the loos…)

Plus there’s now a Playlist with all the episodes so far on:



Yes I would agree it does sound like he is saying dw i ‘di Jayden. I have not heard that said before as a way of stating your name and my questions would be the same as yours as to whether it’s a dialect thing.

Perhaps @siaronjames can help us - Siaron is this ‘a thing’ that is used in certain areas?



Sounds strange. He days dwi di bod I have been in Mach… later, so perhaps he jumped the gun?


It’s shortening of “ydy” (so I guess it should have been 'dy in the transcript really)


Source, his Mum, also in the vid.


Hmmm - he says “dwi 'dy Jayden” (i.e. Dwi ydy Jayden). I have heard it said that way before, although I think (calls for backup) that it’s more colloquial than technically grammatically correct.


I see…yes…of course. :smile: Thx

Ah well…definitive! :smile:

Thank you.


Fi ydi is the standard version there - but people are pretty fast and loose when it comes to swapping dwi and fi (fi’n moyn etc), so although I’ve never previously heard ‘dwi ydi’ it doesn’t surprise me at all.


go and watch him at the Plas Garden ‘yn gwirfoddoli’ , with a ‘Clwb Cefnogwyr Michael Williams’ sign :slight_smile:


Aran and Siaron (rhyming!) have kindly answered, but I’ll back up their points too. “Dw i ydy Jayden” is a structure I hear a lot, especially with some of my more Northern based mates. It comes out a bit more “Fi 'dy Jayden”, but its rarely said for names like Jayden, usually “Fi 'dy Llio” or “Fi 'dy Osian” :smiley:


Also, great again to see Cletwr. We are there most Sundays!

Getting perilously close to Aberystwyth now! You’re only about 8 miles out :smiley: