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Gwych iawn. Mae strabs yn Dolgellau a weles i Mim hefyd.


Helo Nia
You can look further up on this thread to March 15 or see if this link will work


Diolch Karen


Easy Welsh episode 6 now up:
And here is the playlist with all the videos so far:

Have a lovely Easter all :hatching_chick:


I really enjoyed that episode. I could do with one of those furry microphones because the wind was very strong when I made my new video in Barmouth just over a week ago.

As it so happens I also have a new video for you all. For those of you who haven’t ever visited Barmouth, here’s a taste of what it’s like. I hope you enjoy. As before, there are optional English subtitles. Just click on the Subtitles / Closed Captions button at the bottom right of the video.


Fab :blush:


The Welsh Tourist Board’s got Apollo in a seaplane:

but we’ve got Sylvie chatting to the locals and Margaret giving us the history.

No contest, really.




New video on my channel, just went for a walk around town (Aberystwyth) and giving a little guide to the places I tend to go and visit!


That should bring people flocking in! The camera swivels made me feel a bit sick, but that could have been the second bag of chips…


Aberystwyth Tourist Board have been knocking the door since the video went out!!! :D:D


Great video, really enjoyed it Nicky. I haven’t been to Aberystwyth for about 10 years. It’s a great introduction to Aber. I think I might give the pier a miss though. :joy:


Also watch out for seagulls if you visit the Arts Centre on the campus up at the top of Penglais Hill. I was mugged by one last summer when I foolishly tried walking down the steps eating a sandwich. It was only much later when I went into the centre that I saw the warning poster!


Yes, a brilliant tour of Aber. Diolch, Nicky


…and after seeing this, some people started to change their destination from Amsterdam to Aber. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Diolch yn fawr iawn Nicky that was really, really great and it has saves me a great deal of money and a very long train journey to go and see the town for myself!!!