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Gwych iawn. Mae strabs yn Dolgellau a weles i Mim hefyd.


Helo Nia
You can look further up on this thread to March 15 or see if this link will work


Diolch Karen


Easy Welsh episode 6 now up:
And here is the playlist with all the videos so far:

Have a lovely Easter all :hatching_chick:


I really enjoyed that episode. I could do with one of those furry microphones because the wind was very strong when I made my new video in Barmouth just over a week ago.

As it so happens I also have a new video for you all. For those of you who haven’t ever visited Barmouth, here’s a taste of what it’s like. I hope you enjoy. As before, there are optional English subtitles. Just click on the Subtitles / Closed Captions button at the bottom right of the video.


Fab :blush:


The Welsh Tourist Board’s got Apollo in a seaplane:

but we’ve got Sylvie chatting to the locals and Margaret giving us the history.

No contest, really.




New video on my channel, just went for a walk around town (Aberystwyth) and giving a little guide to the places I tend to go and visit!


That should bring people flocking in! The camera swivels made me feel a bit sick, but that could have been the second bag of chips…


Aberystwyth Tourist Board have been knocking the door since the video went out!!! :D:D


Great video, really enjoyed it Nicky. I haven’t been to Aberystwyth for about 10 years. It’s a great introduction to Aber. I think I might give the pier a miss though. :joy:


Also watch out for seagulls if you visit the Arts Centre on the campus up at the top of Penglais Hill. I was mugged by one last summer when I foolishly tried walking down the steps eating a sandwich. It was only much later when I went into the centre that I saw the warning poster!


Yes, a brilliant tour of Aber. Diolch, Nicky


…and after seeing this, some people started to change their destination from Amsterdam to Aber. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Diolch yn fawr iawn Nicky that was really, really great and it has saves me a great deal of money and a very long train journey to go and see the town for myself!!!


I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. It’s a gentle walk around Bute Park in Cardiff. There are optional English subtitles. Go to “settings” at the bottom of the video and choose English (United Kingdom) and can then switch them on and off with the subtitles/closed captions button.

I have the raw video clips for another video, which I hope to have up within a week or so.


I really enjoyed that, I learnt so much about Cardiff. I go to the shops but had no idea Bute Park was so lovely and you can take a boat trip Diolch.
Subscribed on YouTube. :blush: You’re easy to listen to and although I don’t understand everything I understand quite a bit.
Looking for more videos with simple Welsh without subtitles if anyone can recommend any. Just helps to build confidence watching videos.


Thank you! It’s very encouraging to hear that you enjoyed it. I should be able to post my Aberystwyth video at the end of this month or beginning of November.


Thank you Margaret, very effectively done and bringing back many happy memories for me. All these fields were literally on my doorstep growing up in the 60s as we lived with my grandparents in Pontcanna. We used to call Bute Park ‘the castle grounds’. Of course, there were no cafes or water buses then. But we were just free to spend a lot of time roaming these areas. Prior to that, in my very earliest years when we lived away (my dad being in the army), we would come back there for holidays and I would always accompany my grandfather on his ‘constitutional’ up around Llandaff Fields before he would call off at his local pub in Canton. Sophia Gardens was another green lung then - events used to be staged at the long gone Pavilion there - but now inevitably it is basically a car park for the sports centre and cricket ground, which of course have arrived since. All my family were Old Cardiffians but there are none left there now since my mother passed away 15 years ago. On my occasional trips back to Caerdydd I always make a point of visiting these old haunts at least once. It’s curious how one takes these experiences for granted when young but they come to mean so much looking back on them in later years.