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Great Welsh Videos for Learners made by SSiWers


I have done another short video for Nos Galan Gaeaf. How to make a traditional Halloween lantern out of a swede. As before it’s in Welsh but there are optional English subtitles if you click on the subtitles/closed captions button.


Brilliant @margarethall :clap:


Thanks. There are probably mistakes in the Welsh, but I had the idea at the last minute and just had to do it quickly the day before Halloween. I thought the jack-o-lantern turned out quite cute. I might try it again next year, but I’ll buy some fake tea lights because I only had real ones and after a few minutes, you could smell burned swede! :scream:


Your videos are brilliant Margaret. Well done!


Thank you. I would like to get more confident and relaxed speaking direct to camera, but it’s a good way to keep me practising and maintaining my Welsh (and looking up new vocabulary!).

I hope my videos will also be useful for learners as a stepping stone to watching Welsh language TV. I’m not extrovert enough to feel comfortable running hangouts, but this is my way of giving back to the Welsh learner community which has helped me so much over the years.


I think they are wonderful. Must take you ages to put together but they are so good.


Great Margaret, thank you putting these videos together for us they are so helpful and interesting.


@Tricia and @ceri-francis Thank you. I’m glad the videos are useful. As I’m retired, it gives me an interesting project, especially as I was completely new to video editing.

The one about making the Halloween lantern took about a day and a half. The morning was spent filming while I carved the swede and the afternoon was spent putting the video together. It took a little more time on the following day to add in the final sequence of lighting the candle and then adding the subtitles.


Thank you Margaret for the lovely video. My Dad used to do this for us when we were children. What hard work!


I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. It’s a walk along the promenade in Aberystwyth followed by a trip on the Cliff Railway to the top. I’m trying to do a video a month and I’m just sneaking it in at the end of November.

The video was actually shot in August on a lovely sunny day, so if the current dismal weather makes you want a bit of sunshine, why not have a look? :smile:

You can show subtitles in either Welsh or English if you want some help. (Click on the “Settings” button bottom right to choose language.) Apologies for the mistakes that I’m sure lurk in the voice over.


Great, I do enjoy your videos and a bit of sunshine is just what we need on a dull day like today. Diolch yn fawr Margaret.


Wonderful, @margarethall! Thank you for making the subtitles optional. I find obligatory English subtitles to be distracting when I’m trying to concentrate on the Welsh!

Also, I need to add that you speak clearly and you’re very easy to understand, despite the obvious handicap of being a Gog :stuck_out_tongue:


I always find obligatory subtitles frustrating because it’s so easy to read the English and think you’re understanding the Welsh. I really like the way YouTube allows you to make them optional and in fact add more that one language.


Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, I made a video. Planning on making
another one next week :slight_smile: It’s helping me with my Welsh speaking a lot.
Thanks everyone who has already seen it and given me a lot of support on it