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Mine arrived this afternoon in an enormous box! Spent 30 mins just playing whatever on it and it sounds amazing already!



Hi there, I have been following your chat re Startharp. I emailed Shelley a week ago and still haven’t had a reply - I suppose she is very busy, but am really wanting to sign up for the course!


Hi Carolyn. Understood. Thanks for that. Best wishes on your harp journey!!


Thanks for your reply. Good luck with the new teacher (and harp!) and I will just hope Shelley gets back to me. I shall send a follow up email to her tomorrow. Meantime, Anne Sullivan (youtube, American) is excellent, also Josh Layne, but I need the discipline of a lesson schedule.


I really like Christy-Lyn in South Africa too. Time difference is minimal for UK but she’s fully booked at the moment. I don’t think there’s a shortage of harp teachers in general so shouldn’t be a lasting problem in any event. I am persuaded by Michael’s endorsement of startharp so hope that pans out!!

In the meantime, there’s plenty of welsh to practice and music theory to study!


I am indeed! It would be good to meet up for a paned and sgwrs bach at some point, restrictions allowing!


Please don’t be put off! Honestly, it really will be the best learning experience - I cannot believe how quickly I have progressed in such a short time, it’s a fantastic course.
I have messaged her on Facebook and she has said that she will put the early bird code up tomorrow and I’m sure she’ll get back to your emails, she has always got back to me!

So glad yours arrived too! I just need to think of a name for mine now, although Eos is so nice I might just keep it!


See reply to @Telyn_Marco, she should be putting the code up tomorrow.


Hi Michael
Thanks for the reassurance!

Your harlequin Eos looks stunning!


You’ll love the course then, very structured with regular homework and Sunday evening live chats!


Hopefully she is willing to apply it retroactively as I’ve alreadg paid the full price!


There are loads of free resources on here which are fantastic. I’m currently preparing for my grade 6 music theory and the paid resources are also excellent.



Awesome thanks! I’m at a much more basic level than you I think. Just finished the free Open Uni course An Introduction to Music Theory. Planning to acquire Tonal Harmony by Kostka shortly.


The theory website is great as it takes you from complete beginner and it’s free.

You could also try the Music Theory in Practice workbooks starting at grade 1

and the AB guide to music theory
Part 1 takes you up to grade 5

I used both of these many years ago and I got a distinction in my grade 5 theory just with these being self taught (couldn’t afford lessons when younger)


Who would have guessed there was another Welsh speaking harpist in Sheffield?!


So pleased to have found this thread! I finally managed to navigate Startharp website and signed up for a course - paid the full amount, so thank you for letting us know the d code will be out tomorrow - hopefully it can be applied retrospectively. And also the link to the music theory site - so helpful - diolch yn fawr.


Oh cool! If you’ve signed up for the course that starts on 20th July we will be student-peers with Michael one course ahead of us!

I have Betty Paret’s First Harp book arriving today as suggested by the local harp teacher so I can begin guided, basic one-finger exercises ahead of tuition starting. Excited!!



I have been learning - on and off - for about 2 years - I had some lessons early on then had to stop for various boring reasons so have been using you tube in the meantime - but I need feedback. So I have signed up for Level 2, if she will accept me (still no response!) The other books I have found particularly helpful are Pamela Bruner "Play the Harp Beautifully ", books 1, 2, and 3. I have finished with her level 1 and am happy to post it to you if you’d like it.


What a kind offer, thank you! I guess I am the total newbie of the group then! I will DM you my address details and will look forward to reaching the point where I can pay it forward to another new harpist!


So my current rented Teifi Eos (36 string) is going back to Leeds shortly but the woman I’m renting it from is happy for me to promote it on here if anyone wanted to rent it - please message me for details. Thanks