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Have you spread the word about SSiW today? Diolch! (and sorry!)


Sian Harries (and maybe Elis James)


I recently went to a two day Welsh school in Aberystwyth and mentioned SSIW to some of the other students. One lady was saying she had run out of lessons except it turned out she was somehow getting the lessons from somewhere else, whilst receiving forum emails from SSIW. She’s now hopefully starting level one.


Da iawn, sir. Excellent interview. Thanks for sharing.


Diolch Geraint! You were the inspiration behind taking the plunge!




:joy: :joy: :joy:


Wow, how strange - thank you for setting her straight! :star: :star2:


To a Tŷ Tawe regular at a Welsh comedy night who I know thrugh that and YesCymru - discussing familiy background and he expressed surprise I spoke Welsh coming from Milford Haven 'dan y Landsker"

So of course we had the whole:

“Well I learned as an adult”
“Oh you don’t sound like you did” (Which is always nice because to my mind I do!)

He’s doing some voluntary Welsh classes for people so I’ve heartily recommended it obviously!


Always lovely - and well-deserved! :star2: Diolch o galon :dizzy:


So, Vaughan (@vgh50), Jen (@atomic_newt) and I were having a chat in Welsh in a cafe called “Jackie’s Art Cafe” in Haines City, Florida when this lady interrupted us to ask if we were from Wales. It turns out her sister lives in Lampeter and she, herself, almost bought a house in Wrexham. Jen spoke to her more than I did but I’m pretty sure she found herself on the receiving end of a right old SSiWing.

Now that’s random.


“a right old SSiWing”

Now there’s a noun I hadn’t thought of verbing!
:musical_score: I want you-oo-oo :musical_note: to SSiW me the way :musical_note:



Lovely to think of a mini-Bootcamp happening in Florida… :slight_smile:


Oh, it happened. It’s going to happen again Monday night. :blush:


Cofia fi atyn nhw! :slight_smile: And say thanks to Jen for giving that other person ‘a right old SSiWing’… :smile:


Mi wna i. :blush:

ETA: Just to elaborate a bit, we’re going to watch a baseball game on Monday night. It would be fantastic (and a huge surprise) to see any other Welsh learners/speakers there for the second Florida SSiW meeting. :blush:


It would have been fun to see the response if this had gone in last week’s email…:wink:


Bumped into someone who lives in Casnewydd and works in Caerdydd at an Esperanto congress in Edinburgh over the weekend … as you do. She’s a fairly new speaker of Esperanto but hasn’t had any success at trying to learn Welsh before. “Heard of SSiW? It worked for me.” :slight_smile:


Please tell us that you gave SSiW this “plug” in Esperanto. :smile:


Well of course! It was the language of the congress. I only spoke Esperanto the whole weekend :slight_smile: even though there were actually 2 other Welsh speakers there - one from Conwy and one from Y Drenewydd.


I’m back from a sort of “introduction to Welsh” -thingy that happened here in Helsinki (which I shouldn’t have gone to since I have an essay due at midnight. An essay I haven’t properly started…).

The introduction wasn’t exactly for people who can speak Welsh, or even for people who had heard of Welsh before. I expected that but I went anyway since I assumed the teacher would speak Welsh, and of course that translates to a chance to speak Welsh.

So, I got to speak some Cymraeg with the teacher (who was very impressed, thanks SSiW!), and also managed to suggest SSiW to a few people before everyone ran away :smile:

Maybe we’ll see a few more Finnish SSiWers here in the future :blush: