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Have you spread the word about SSiW today? Diolch! (and sorry!)


Diolch o galon i ti! :slight_smile:


She did!! :grin: Tried to say something along the lines of Welsh being too hard! :rolling_eyes: I said, “look, I’m American and I’ve learned it here in America!!! If can learn it here you can certainly do it!!” Then I repeated to her a few times! :wink:


Croeso! :wink:


:star: :star2:


My classroom display


That’s pretty awesome, Tom - diolch o galon i ti! :star: :star2:


Plugged away at siop siarad!


Mae gen i ffrind sy’n dysgu Iseldireg efo Duolingo - dwedais i wrthi hi am SSi Dutch ddoe, a mae hi ‘di dweud rŵan hyn bo’ hi’n “really digging it” :slight_smile:

I’ve got a friend who’s learning Dutch on Duolingo - I told her yesterday about SSi Dutch, and she’s just said that she’s “really digging it” :slight_smile:


Brilliant - diolch! Hope we’ll have more stuff for her before the end of the year… :slight_smile:


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to NRW politicians and in order to prepare for the meeting we discussed things we wanted to talk about in class.
What I wanted the politicians to change was the way we learn languages.
I told my classmates and about 3 or 4 teachers about the SSi way but they didn’t seem to believe that it actually works… I didn’t give up though and had them read Aran’s description of how the course works. It all ended in an hour-long discussion about how to learn languages. I think I was able to convince at least some of them that we should learn English, French, Russian, whatever language really, with a German version of SSi.
And I hope I also convinced some of the politicians. If not, they’ll hear from me as soon as there is a SaySomethingInEnglish-Course for Germans :wink:


Oh, that’s very cool! :star: :star2: :dizzy:

Particularly since we lived not far from Dusseldorf for 3 years when I was a kid…:slight_smile:

We’re trying to crack two last thorny problems with the software - once we get them solved, it won’t be all that long before we can start doing English-via-x… :slight_smile:


@aran I did talk to my cousin - the property in Nefyn was known as Cae Rhyg owned by my Gt Gt Gt Grandparents Capt. Robert and Mary Jones. Passed to my Gt Gt Grandfather Capt. John Jones. My Gt Gt Grandmother lost it due to some financial troubles and my Great Grandma Katie then sailed to America with my Great Grandpa Joss (also Jones) and my infant Grandpa, settling on the Clinton River outside of Detroit. I never met my Great-Grandpa Joss but I will never forget my Grandma Katie’s beautiful voice even though I was only 5yo when she died. And I want to speak her language. :slight_smile:


That’s such a powerful reason for learning - it will definitely get you where you want to be… :slight_smile:


Today I was working with someone who had gone to Welsh primary until she was 10 then moved to Singapore. She said she doesn’t feel confident with her Welsh. So I plugged SSiW to help. Best response I’ve every had;

“My Mum is doing this! We used to speak Welsh at home so she didn’t know what we were saying, now she’s better than we are!”


Awesome plug, awesome result… :star: :star2:


A very good friend and ‘honorary son’ who was once on the Forum told me that he has recommended SSiW to six people in the past week! So never presume those no longer seen here do not honestly pass on the good experiences they had when learning using this site!


Plaid constituency meeting where someone was talking about how they’d tried learning a few times with different resources but no success…

“I know something for that!”


I was talking, in Welsh, to a nurse from Caernarfon about a patient. An OT popped over and said “oh, speak In English so I can understand”. She very quickly mentioned that her daughters went to Welsh schools and are fluent.

Cue: “have you heard of this website…?”


What’s an OT? Sounds like a very calm response, fair play to you! :slight_smile:


Sorry, occupational therapist. :slight_smile: