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Hay-on-Wye LAST stop ...SSiW Days Out postponed 🌧



Yes, I will have the town decorated in bunting in April.


Bethesda eh? Very close to Zip World. Great place to practise screaming and swearing in Welsh! :wink: :rofl:


Ti’n dod, taith o gwmpas Bragdy Cwrw Ogwen hefyd :smile:


@BronwenLewis give me a date :slight_smile:


Is 25 April OK (avoiding school holidays)?


Diolch…yn y dyddiadur! :spiral_calendar:


Bethesda meet next week? Where can I find out more? I cannot find any details here but sure 8 saw something somewhere last week


We meet at Neuadd Ogwen at 10:30. Postcode on the poster. We will be there until approx.12 noon
There is a car park nearby.
I will set a full timetable soon when timings has been confirmed to visit Cwrw Ogwen ( which is close to Neuadd Ogwen and the Hydro on afon Ogwen ( near Ogwen Bank Caravan Park ) @graham57


Da iawn Diolch


It’s worth listening to Hogia’r Bonc sing ‘Strydoedd Bethesda’ before our visit on Saturday :heart:

Chwarel =. Quarry Chwarelwr. = Quarryman
Llechen =. Slate. Llechi =. Slates


And here is Celt’s version …


I’ve just finished doing the (easy) quiz for tomorrow’s visit to Neuadd Ogwen…
You can swat up some of the answers by visiting MARCHNAD OGWEN’s website


Timetable for Bethesda’s Day Out, we don’t want 3 people losing their way this month :smile:


Another lovely day out with Nia and friends - my personal highlights were the cheese-tasting at the local market, followed by beer-tasting at the local brewery, Cwrw Ogwen, and then a poetry recitation on the banks of the River Ogwen. I couldn’t stay for the visit to the community farm, but I hope you all had a great time, including a bit more tasting of local produce? Many thanks again to @nia.llywelyn for arranging these invaluable opportunities to use our Welsh in the wild, and special congratulations to Liz from Bethesda, doing so for the very first time!


Ble mae @BronwenLewis?


Thank you for the pics Nia, they’re great and obviously the beer was good :rofl:. I can seee youuuu :eyes: @BronwenLewis


Fi gobeithio @Cetra, waw, ti ‘di bod yn brysur, maen nhw’n :tada::heart::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿.
Are you happy I post this on the facebook page? … that you’re ready to say shw mae to some people this week


****Please note that the November Day Out has changed dates
It will now be held on the 23rd of November, more details soon ****

We’re coming to London :mountain_railway:

I will be jumping on @marcus-1 ‘s band wagon with one or two other things in store :smile: