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Hay-on-Wye LAST stop ...SSiW Days Out postponed 🌧


Great! I’m booking my tickets now :slight_smile:


Hwreee! :tada::tada:



Sounds great, count me in!



Wedi prynu 'nhocyn trên - got my ticket, see you there :slight_smile:


Da iawn! Edrych mlaen i dy weld :slight_smile:


Prêt à manger? Rhaid i mi ddysgu Ffrangeg hefyd ?


I might pluck up the courage to come to this although I get terribly nervous at events like this and tend to forget everything I’ve learnt since I started SSiW in March! Also, does everyone need to buy a ticket for the Christmas Fair?


Hi @david-44 Yes, you’ll need to get a ticket - easily purchased online :slight_smile: And don’t worry about nerves/forgetting at all! We’re all having a similar experience and these days out are one if the best ways to help overcome those kinds if things :slight_smile: It will really do you good! Everyone I’ve met so far is friendly, patient and helpful! See you there!


Yes, we’ll be all going there after the meet up. Phone number on the poster ,I’ll have a quiz prepared as well - Welsh connections with London, but multipe choice don’t worry and fun ! But you could just join us at the cafe and not come on to the Welsh Centre if you want @david-44


I’ve bought a ticket now online so I’m committed! I do have to reveal that at my first SSiW meet-up (Ty Tawe in Abertawe last month) I completely froze and answered the first question in French instead of Welsh! (Well, there are less ways of saying ‘Yes’ in French…) - so that’s what you’re dealing with here! However if you’re prepared to be patient, I will be more than grateful!!


I’ll be there! Looking forward to it.


Tickets are also available at the door.


Hi Nia, are you planning anything for the rest of the day after the London Welsh Centre?


I’ve got a fun quiz planned ( making up for not able to go round to see places of welsh connection because I don’t know London very well)
and we might have someone to talk to us about the history of the London Welsh Centre if that’s possible as well @peterallen


I’ll be there! My first meetup so I’m happy to have the opportunity to meet London welsh speakers. Diolch!


Some of Nia’s fan club wrote and recorded this fantastic song for her this week! What else do they get up to in the Sesiwn Canu on Welsh Speaking Practice?? :clap: :clap:


Thank you @Deborah-SSi for,posting the song. Nia played it on the hangout yesterday, they’re a talented bunch. Christmas No 1 definitely. This group needs a name now, excellent.


Brilliant song, well done all involved, get it on Radio Cymru!!!