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Thank you!
I have one of those little ‘Cymraeg’ badges that are supposed to show you’re willing to speak Welsh, and I can carry a Welsh book. There’s also a photo of me on the ‘Parti Penblwydd - introduce yourself’ thread from about two weeks ago.


I will ask the cafe to put a sign on our table that says Say something in Welsh.


Hi, do you have a phone number for Roots please? I can’t find one and just want to check if they’re happy for me to bring my scooter into the cafe. Thanks.


Before it was Roots, it was Little Orchard, and the phone number there was 01494 794642. You could try that, in case they kept the same number.


Thanks. Unfortunately not connecting. I’ve never been refused scooter entry before so I’ll take my chances.
See you tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:


I am sure they wouldn’t refuse. I do know it’s quite a long narrow place, but all things are possible with a little thought.


I have a number 01494 786732 that I write down from the internet last week, but I haven’t tried it.


Thanks, that’s great


I hope everyone enjoyed today’s meet up as much as I did. Big thank you to Mhairi for setting it up. It would be great to meet fortnightly.
I will be in Chesham on Thursday 27th June. Any takers for a Welsh chat on that day?


I actually have another meeting in Chesham that day that will run from 13:00 to around 16:00. Then I have something else on in the evening, so I’d really need to get home.

But if you were to meet at midday again, I could probably pop in to say hi before heading to my other meeting


Thank you everyone for a lovely time today. I would love to meet fortnightly. I can’t do Thursday 27th though sorry. I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Thursdays. I can do Friday 28th if that is any good an I am happy to travel.


I can do Friday 28th, if others can.


I’m going to try to move an appointment so that I could make Friday.


Can anyone make an evening in the future, so Dylan Jones can join us?
Let me know about Friday 28th day time.


Evenings are difficult for me but I could do a Saturday.


Probably depends where, but in principle, yes


Really enjoyed it and it was so useful.

Unfortunately, I can’t make 27th or 28th. Probably best to go ahead anyway and I’ll join the next time when I can.


If anyone else can make it, a few of us will meet up from 11:30 on Thursday 27th at Roots in Chesham. All welcome.


Hi, I’m still hoping to organise an evening meet up sometime. IN the mean time, have you seen the ‘Llun-dain touring London meet up’ thread? They are meeting this Sunday afternoon. I won’t be there but hoping to make it to another one.


Yes, I know Peter and Kate. I’d love to join them sometime, but I am involved in a concert on Sunday afternoon, so this one wasn’t an option for me.