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I cheated (I think) Mea Culpa


This week, I (we) have been instructed by our fearless leader to listen to five minutes of Radio Cymru. Today, which is more like 10 pm Wales time, it was very unpleasant to my ears and there wasn’t much talking. I’m more about opera, not so much rock. So, I switched off. I went on YouTube and found some Bwyd Epic Chris, a cooking show, and played them without subtitles. I got a lot out of it. I recognized many words, and got the biggest kick out of him talking about throwing in a llond llaw o barsli…a handful of parsley. Technically this is not what was asked for, however, could I go to Welsh programming, like S4C International, when the music gets too raucous? I promise to go back to the radio tomorrow when I hope the music will be a little more like maybe Lleuwen or Gentle Good. Fun fact: there is a Welsh opera, called Blodwen. Oddly enough, it’s currently being performed in Idaho in the USA. Go figure.


I reckon that by finding something more to your taste shows that you are able to tailor your listening to something you enjoy—in Welsh no less! Personally, I’d give you a gold star for showing the initiative :star2:

Well done! And thank you for the info’ about the opera.


Well to tell the truth…listening to the radio is a great ear training.
But now that S4C is available internationally (and there’s quite a lot of thing on YouTube too) I definitely take advantage of it! :wink:

This thread might be interesting for you:


Have you tried listening on the BBC website. I think this should link to the Radio Cymru schedule and you should be able to choose a programme more to your taste.


You can also get Beti a’i Phobol as a podcast. So you might be able to get some more podcasts. There’s also a nature podcast but I can’t remember the name. I’ll try and find out

EDIT: Galwad Cynnar is the name i think. But I’ve never listened to it myself


That’s great, I didn’t know there were podcasts available for any radio whow. I thought they all disappeared after 30 days and that was it!

But now I checked there is in fact a Radio Cymru section in BBC podcasts with a small but interesting selection of programmes (no idea how to link them from iTunes to this forum though) - and from several years back. Thanks for the tip!

And thanks @margarethall, I hadn’t seen that link before either (or if I did I had lost it/forgotten), it seems useful too.


Thank you all for your helpful comments and links. Diolch