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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be a Welsh speaker because… I guess quite simply because it is the language of where I live… and hope that one day I can discuss this answer more fully - in Welsh.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because my father and his family spoke Welsh and I loved hearing Welsh being spoken in our corner shop when I was a child.
I hope to make myself understood by fluent Welsh speakers and learners like myself.


Because I live in Wales and I want to honour and fully engage with Welsh culture and people. Being able to understand some Welsh and speak a little bit gives me a lot of joy when doing my best to talk to my neighbours or people I meet in the street. I would like to be able to join a group of Welsh speakers and for them to be able to continue to speak in Welsh and not have to switch to English because of me.


Because I’ve lived in Wales for 18 years and felt it was time to become more embedded in the culture. Lockdown has given me the time to do this.


My great grandparents were Welsh speaking and I want to feel close to my ancestors. Also my best friend has been learning Welsh for several years now and wants someone to speak with.


I think Welsh is a beautiful and mysterious language.
I hope to move to Wales in a year or so and I would love to be able to go to Clwb Y Bont in Pontypridd and meet Welsh speakers and understand what is going on. And to go to the theatre and follow the plot!


I know this is a big ask, but I’ve had a word going round in my head all day and can’t remember what it means. I’m looking back through the weeks to see if I can find it. So far, I haven’t found it. My question is- could we have a section on the website where all the vocabulary lists are duplicated? It could help us with spelling and reading. I’m on week 30, I think, and I’ve put all my sentences together now. Week 2 seems a hundred years ago now in terms of what I can say. I’ve expanded it all a bit as well in the expectation that you might ask us to send it. As for the suggestion that we listen to Radio Cymru, I’ve been doing just that for weeks. It’s all a bit fast but I’ve been able to pickup some useful bits of vocabulary.


The simple answer is to improve my understanding of the culture of a country that I have always loved.
The more complicated one…I come from a border county, Shropshire. I very often heard Welsh spoken on the streets of Shrewsbury when growing up in the 60s and 70s, and loved the romance and poetry of the music and culture, which spread over the border more than you might think. My happiest times were holidays and frequent day trips to North Wales, and I absorbed lots of words, but could never speak.
Later I married a Welshman, and lived and worked in South Wales for a few years in the 70s. In hospital there were still a very few patients that struggled to speak English. I absorbed more culture, but my educated Welsh father in law was very much against Welsh speaking, despite the fact that his wife was a first language Welsh speaker from the valleys, and he had himself prevented his own children learning the language. I got my mother in law to teach me the words to the national anthem, and a few iconic songs.
We moved back to England for work, but visit Wales often, and have a caravan in North Pembrokeshire in a Welsh speaking area.
Now I am retired, and have the time to return to my longstanding ambition. I am loving learning again.


I hope to learn more about the culture of this beautiful country and feel more engaged with the people.


I want to be a Welsh speaker to feel more at home in my home country, and to help my children feel more at home in their home too.


I want be a Welsh speaker because:
To Summarize a long story I was just into care at 2. Shipped off to England at 7 and the only Welsh words I could remember was bore da. Even that made me feel connected to my heritage. So at 26 I thought it was time to expand my knowledge.
P.s Sorry for any grammatical errors.


I want to be a welsh speaker because I want my English born son to have a deeper link to his maternal home.

I hope that we can have special welsh conversations in the future, however simple.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I am Welsh and I’m proud of my language, my heritage and I should be able to speak it confidently. It’s always felt like something was missing, even from a very young age and it’s never left me.

The change I’m really looking forward to is having a conversation with my long time friends who are first language Welsh. I’ve felt very guilty for a long time that, whenever I’ve been in their home, they have had to change to English just for me. Welsh is the language of their home and I’m Welsh, why on earth should they have to change because me (a Welshman) can’t converse in his own language.

Anyway I can’t wait for the day that I’m able to have a conversation with them (and others) the joy this thought gives me has kept me going during the complete brain melts of the first ten weeks and there’s been a few!


I’ve been visiting Wales on holidays for years, love the countryside and the people are so friendly. Now that I’ve retired we intend to go more often (once we can!) so I think it would be fantastic to be able to speak the language.


I want to be a Welsh speaker to reconnect with my roots and because it’s fun and people are genuinely very friendly and excited to hear me try!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I love Wales. I hope I will be able to enjoy more conversations, connections, literature and media when I’m a Welsh speaker.


I want to speak Welsh so I can talk to my fluent Welsh speaking daughters in English and Welsh. I have always wanted to learn my home country language and I heard great reviews about SSiW model. I’m on week 10 and really enjoying it. Diolch


I live in Wales and would like to be able to speak Welsh and chat to people in Welsh.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because my mother came from Wales (but was not encouraged to speak Welsh and so never learned) and it was her mother’s (my grandmother’s) first language. I loved to hear my grandmother speak it with her sister and niece when I was a child and the Welsh language is a link to my childhood. I now live in Germany, though, so there may not be too many opportunities to speak it…


it is my heritage and I think it is important to keep the language and identity of the Welsh.