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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to enjoy and create art in Welsh


…because I now live in Wales and am fascinated by Welsh as a language. 10 weeks of Saysomethingin has convinced me it’s worth persisting with the course!


Quite simply put because I’m welsh. I’ve always wanted to speak welsh I’ve never found it easy but learning by means of SSIW has given me a real boost I now live in west wales and it’s spoken more here but more than any thing else the welsh language is my inheritance and I love it .


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I decided that I needed something fun, challenging, fascinating, and completely unnecessary in my hectic American life! I need to admit that when I started all that I knew was that Wales had mountains, castles, choirs, sheep, and signs with a lot of consonants. My interest was piqued by the huge number of language learning resources I saw. Now, with my learning so far (fifteen months with Duolingo, ten Weeks with SSiW), I have also heard a lot about a lovely culture and wonderful people, so I do hope to visit someday!


… My grandfather was from Treoes in Glamorgan and my mother remembers some Welsh words he used to say. As a small child, she recall him telling her of a story of a cat getting his paw caught in a mangle (the roller part of a washing machine). ((:scream:)) I’d like to find out if there is such a story in Welsh? When this COVID thingy is over I hope to visit Wales and be comfortable in conversation to tell the tale of the cat and the mangle. ((:flushed: ))


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I love Wales. I lived in mid Wales 1975-77 but I had to walk through a ford in my wellies to get to my Welsh class and bailed! Wales has always stayed in my heart. Now I know where my great grandfather came from (his father was a sea captain from Llandanwg south of Harlech). it is also because I have studied Welsh mythology for years. I have just finished a wallhanging with five panels representing Caer Arianrhod. Welsh mythology and landscape are an inspiration to my textile work. I am now planning a rail trip along the coast from Aber to Caernarfon, going through my ancestral village of Llandanwg and Ardudwy which is so important in the 4th branch of the Mabinogi.


The beach at Llandanwg is one of my favourite beaches - it’s a beautiful area and you won’t be disappointed when you do your train journey. Your art sounds interesting too :blush:


It opens a new window onto my own country.


Dw i’n moyn gallu siarad Cymraeg achos dw i’n moyn mynd i Gymru a siarad gyda’r pobl ac achos dw i’n moyn yr iaith Gymraeg barhau (I want to be able to speak Welsh because I want to go to Wales and speak with the people and because I want the Welsh language to live on)


I want to be a Welsh speaker because learning a new language could be fun & it always struck me as odd that they never offered the opportunity to learn Welsh at school (in north England)


I am English, but grew up in a village in the Midlands which had loads of Welsh people living there - our vicar was Welsh, our teachers were Welsh, our neighbours were Welsh, the lollipop man was Welsh. I learned to love singing in the choir, rugger and cricket alongside these lovely people and listening to them speaking in their own tongue really inspired me, even as a small child. I really wanted to learn but my mum said it would be too difficult for me. A long time elapsed and then we had Covid. I wondered: could I learn Welsh after all? And here I am! I am really enjoying it.


Which village? And good luck with the Welsh.


I want to be a Welsh speaker… To keep our beautiful language alive and to make my Welsh family proud, although I was born in Wales I am the only one in the family that cannot speak the language!

The one thing that I hope will happen when I am a Welsh speaker is… that I can converse with my great nephews in their first language and see their surprise and I hope, delight on their faces.


‘I want to be a welsh speaker because’

I’m very proud to come from Wales and would love to be able to speak the language fluently :grinning:


Thank you, Baruch.
I was born in Cubbington, which is near Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. There is no reason that I can see why it had such a large Welsh speaking community but then I did sing in several choirs…
I am looking forward to being able to sing some things in Welsh. I keep tripping over my tongue at the moment.


…both my grandchildren will be educated through the medium of Welsh, and my partner is from North Wales. He and all his family are first language Welsh, so having recently retired I feel this is the ideal time to devote the time needed (after having spent years dabbling with learning Welsh) to gain some mastery over the language.


…I’m a Welshman who never learned Welsh (to date!).


Although I’m an elderly Saesneg, I live in Wales so it is only right that I should learn Gymraeg. My first target is to learn the National Anthem in Welsh so that I can join in. I just love to hear the Welsh choirs sing.


I want to be a welsh speaker because I am an English- speaking Welsh and I want to be a Welsh- speaking Welsh.


I want to be able to speak to people in Wales in Welsh!