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Level 1 Challenge 13 diddorol or ddiddorol?


Hello eveyone. I’m not sure if I’m hearing it correctly, but in Challenge 13 we have “I met an interesting young woman last night”, which in Welsh seems to be “Wnes i gyfarfod dynas ifanc DDiddorol neithiwr.” - However, a little later, we have “I met an interesting young man last night.”, which is “Wnes i gyfarfod dyn ifanc Diddorol neithiwr.” Is there a reason for this? Does ‘diddorol’ soften to ‘ddiddorol’ in the case of women?


Yes, you’ve answered your own question :slight_smile:
Feminine nouns cause soft mutations in adjectives used with them.


Diolch yn fawr, Siaron!


I have been on Week 13 for a few weeks now and would appreciate a Well Done, almost there and there will be a sticker in the post!


I can certainly say “Well done!”, you’re doing very well, but don’t get hung up on 13 or on the next few challenges either - they are a little notorious! There’s no need to keep going over and over them, because even if you’re ‘sure’ nothing’s sticking, you just need to trust your brain to process the material. I’d say repeat only a maximum of three times (that’s not ‘official’, that’s just my take on it having seen other people’s experiences) and then move on, even if you don’t think you’re ready. You can always dip back now and again in the future if you really want to, and then you’ll be surprised that something you thought was elusive has actually sunk in after all. :slight_smile:


Arh thanks Aron, what a year it’s been! I moved to Swansea at the end of last year and been listening to you non stop! I had a strop about the course around week 9 and then spent several weeks doing the whole lot again. I know it’s not recommended but I struggle like this a lot in life! I don’t recommend others try this method, I whizzed over it too much, stopped listening and made mistakes on week 1 as it was way too easy - obviously!

I won a taster course at Nant Gwrtheyrn to celebrate 40 years of Welsh lessons which was a huge privilege and would never have had the confidence to have entered the competition had it not been for Say Something in Welsh. So cheers!

I do see what you mean with the whole process. It’s wonderful to see it happening, time and time again just when you think you will never get it by the time you are stuck on the next part the previous one flows out seamlessly!

I don’t sit down to learn, I am a kinesthetic learner and so it helps that I can do activities of daily living at the same time. A Welsh friend said although I spoke confidently I was speaking as fast as a speed train! I explained the system and once I broke down the words she understood. Guilty I should be glancing at the grammar by now?!

Oh deary me, I am an off the scale high repetition learner and that’s why I don’t go on this forum much everyone else is flying ahead!

But thank you, I would have been a little lonely settling into Wales and it’s saved my mental health, never been so focused - or academic!

For now I am almost through the last of week 13. It reminds me of the Chuckle Brothers - to me to you and that makes me laugh!



I’ve gone through session 13 today and finding it tedious. I’m wondering if I want to do this any more. I would like to see some of the words but can’t locate the vocabulary on the app which I find frustrating. WHERE IS IT? I don’t care about old women !! But the word for meet I do need to see. Help I fi os gwelwch yn fawr


I can’t advise on the apps because I don’t use them, but you’ll find all the vocab lists in pdf form on this thread Vocabulary from Challenges


I’m glad that you found that, @siaronjames. I was searching, but hadn’t found it yet. On the other hand, I found a lot of conversations about struggling with Level 2 which were fascinating to look back on. I had forgotten how hard I found it.

@linda-29, even if the topics don’t interest you particularly, I believe that you are leaning a lot of useful stuff about grammatical structures. For example, you know that the old woman gets the “hen” in front, but the young man gets the “ifanc” afterwards. When the time comes, you can slip other words into the structures. Five years on, and one unit away from finishing the conventional Uwch 2, I am still finding the SSiW phrases remarkably useful. A lot of tricky grammatical points somehow just feel right.

Also, the middle of Level 2 is notoriously hard, and it does get better. I do hope that you carry on. Best of luck.


I have it ‘bookmarked’ Sue :wink:


Hi Emma, I think you’re being a little hard on yourself regarding your ability to speak Welsh! I was on the Nant Gwytheryn course too and you had a great grasp of Welsh! Keep on going and one day you’ll realise how good you are :+1:


Thanks for sending the vocabulary list. I really appreciate it. LInda


That’s natural! I had a moment like that too (at a different point in the course though) and was very close to throwing in the towel. Hang in there, it’ll pick up again.