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Hi all. The first Saturday of January ( when we would normally have had our Zoom meet up) falls on New Year’s Day 2022. A small group of us discussed this at the face to face meet up yesterday. It was agreed that we move both meetings in January to the week after our normal arranged day. This means that the Zoom meet up will be on the 8th January 2022 and the face to face at the gallery cafe will be on the 22nd January. February will return to the usual pattern of 1st and 3rd Saturdays. I’ll put reminders on our Facebook page nearer to the time. Hope this suits everyone. Diolch yn fawr iawn :grinning:

Post-Pandemic Meetups

Next Saturday morning 8th January 2022 at 10.30 am :grinning: Look forward to seeing you on Zoom. See link below

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Meeting ID: 630 552 7359
Passcode: NVVG2T


I would love to get involved with this group. I am currently on the Dysgu Cymraeg Mynediad course which I’m really enjoying and becoming a little bit obsessed about learning Welsh. I’ve signed up to the Say something in Welsh too. I don’t know whether anyone can help me but have the challenges now replaced the different levels available previously? I did Welsh at school at O level many years ago and I’m really enjoying learning Welsh again. Anyway I now feel I need more speaking practise and to get to know people with a similar interest. I look forward to hearing from anyone that may be able to help. I’ve recently joined your Facebook group too. Many thanks.


Hi Melanie,
You’ve made a great decision returning to SSIW. It will help you greatly in developing your Welsh speaking. Yes the challenges replaced the old lessons but I believe the old ones may still be available somewhere. Someone else may be able to advise you better about that. Ah yes, I remember you joining our group on FB recently. It will be lovely to see you on Zoom or at our live meet ups in Manchester.
Pob lwc!


If you go to ‘Learn’ then ‘Challenges’ above, you’ll find all the new lessons (Levels) plus if you scroll down you can get access to the old Courses 1, 2 and 3. Quite a few people like to do the Levels first, then have a run through the old Courses to consolidate and extend their Welsh.


Diolch yn fawr Deborah


Diolch yn fawr Jean. Hoffwn i’n dod i cyfarfod zoom dydd Sadwrn. Looking forward to meeting you all.


It was lovely to see everyone on screen this morning and great to have 2 new members join us - Melanie and Michael. We were sorry to lose you when you froze at the end Michael. We were just about to hear why you were learning. Look forward to meeting you again soon then you can finish your story. We’ll be meeting face to face at Manchester Art Gallery cafe on the 22nd January. Then we’ll return to our usual pattern of Zoom on the 1st Saturday and face to face on the 3rd Saturday. Hope you can make it.:grin:


Hi guys, I’m moving to Manchester soon (but not sure when). I’m hoping to take part by then. Perhaps I can join the Zoom ones before that happens!


Of course Israel you’d be very welcome. We’ve had people from far and wide joining our Zoom sessions including some in Australia! Our next Zoom session will be on the first Saturday in February. Look forward to seeing you soon. :grin:


Looking forward to seeing you all again next Saturday. :grinning:

We’re meeting on the 4th Saturday for this month only, then back to the usual 3rd Saturday from February onwards.