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Continuing the discussion from Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?:

Hi I’ve done first two sentences and am enjoying it . I did live in Wales previously in Pen Y Bont in Powys and loved it . My Gran Ma was Welsh lived in Amlwch and Caernarfon before meeting my Grand Dad and moved to Liverpool .
A lovely friendly forum and will pursue this with full vigour . Thanks for having me . Bill


Thanks for having me

Thanks for joining us :smiley: Pob lwc


Look forward to hearing updates on your journey.


A very warm welcome to our family. I don’t consider myself to be biased but if I am, it’s because this forum and the people that partake of it, are the kindest, most encouraging people I have ever come into contact with. You will NEVER be alone whilst you are here. Have a wonderful journey.


Thanks AliC very appreciative of that .


Sure you will Macky


Cheers Huw


Confused by pronunciation of “sut”! Always been pronouncing it as “sit” but now having to retrain my brain to say “shudd” instead. Perplexed.


If you prefer “sit”, that’s fine, no need to retrain! - the difference in pronounciation is a regional/personal preference. You tend to hear “sit” more in the North and “shud” more in the South, but both are perfectly acceptable wherever you are :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, Bill - lovely to have you here :slight_smile: :star2:


Thanks Aran 3rd lesson harder but hanging in there lol Bill


Shw mae, Anna?

Sorry to hear I’ve confused you. Then again - you’ll get used to it!

When we say ‘southern course’. we actually mean ‘speaking Welsh like Iestyn’ course, and if you end up speaking like me, that’s great. But if you already have a few bits and pieces of Welsh, and you want to stick with them, then that’s just as good.

In one way it’s better, because it means you are speaking your Welsh not mine. When you have your very own accent that is different from your teacher, then you really own the language. Da iawn!

Now the trick is to enjoy it, warts and all!


Thank you both. It’s difficult to have a preference as I mostly frequent the Aberystwyth area, bang in the middle! I’m aware from my Duolingo course that there are regional differences, but I hadn’t encountered this one yet. I’m definitely enjoying myself though. Just wish there were more hours in the day!


Hello All,

I’m new and just dealing with Lesson 1! I have watched video tutorials on several channels and have done well with them, but I have trouble with going from listening and speaking Welsh to reading it. The written language doesn’t look like what I have in my mind as far as spelling goes. I seem to need to see the words as well as hear and speak them. So I am having a bit of trouble when trying to get the new words “imprinted” into my brain. Still, I love it, but will end up being the kind of person who will do each lesson about five times!


Maybe think of a picture instead of a word? I’m the same where I remember words better when they’re written down but I still learnt a lot with SSIW. Remember you don’t have to get the whole challenge completely right . The odd words don’t stick for me, maybe writing them down and making up your own sentences using them might help? (something I keep meaning to do) I think when you start talking and listening to Welsh on tv and music that does help words stick better too.oh and easy books too. Keep going and best of luck. It can be hard but it can be amazing.


Hello Jack, welcome!
It’s a two-way thing - if you read the words first, they won’t sound like you expect them to, and if you hear the words first, they won’t look like you expect them to! So, the best way to get the speaking right is to say what you hear, not what you read - reading can be picked up later! Even though you think the words aren’t ‘imprinting’, they are, I promise - it just takes a bit of time, and although it sounds counter-intuitive, reading them during a lesson will slow you down (looking at the vocab list afterwards is best, not during!).
But don’t worry - it’s a different method of learning for almost everyone who does it, so you’re not alone :slight_smile:


Hi, just started with the ‘say something a day’ bits. I did used to be able to speak welsh fluently, even got an GCSE and an A level in it, but it turns out that’s not actually so good to actually be able to claim I’m fluent in it, say, for a job in which I need to speak welsh.

Can just about read and write in welsh barring the odd word or some confusion (for example, for some reason I keep thinking deuddeg is 20, I know it’s twelve, but my brain thinks ‘two ten’ is twenty, lol), it’s speaking it that I’ve had never had much confidence, which with customers in the past tended to result in them reverting to english to spare me. When I really don’t want to be spared, I want to get better at this.

Current plan’s going to be to go through the sentence per day bits at fast speed until I hit something I find hard, then start working through the bits beyond my skills day by day, then when I reach the end maybe look at the boot camp as a ‘final test’ sorta. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, gonna be listening to the radio, maybe looking at welsh media and memes, and generally trying to immerse myself more.


Croeso /Welcome @dylan-parry

Weeell. SSIW sounds absolutely perfect for you! Let us know how you are getting on and remember that the forum is always here for questions or to see what else is going on!

Rich :slight_smile:


HI I’m Richard a new joiner

Just done the 2nd day. Though normally circulating between Southampton and London do get to South Wales frequently so looking forward to be able to converse at some point.

Does anyone know if any of the London or Southampton/Winchester groups are still active?



Croeso @richard-harris-3, to the best of my knowledge there isn’t currently a group in Southampton - there was a group meeting regularly in Kings Worthy near Winchester but not sure if it’s still going. I’ve heard that a Welsh group sometimes meets in Basingstoke but it’s not SSIW.

If you key ‘Solent’ into the search box top right (magnifying glass), this will bring up a thread ‘Welsh Learners in the Solent Area’. A group was meeting at Portsmouth Uni in summer 2019, and could no doubt be resurrected. As I live on the IOW, these meetings are not very practical for me.

Of course, all these meetings are currently suspended but several are meeting online, including the CACEN group - Sussex-based, but whose brief includes Hampshire and I know they’re always very welcoming to new learners.