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Oswestry / Shrewsbury meet up?


Many thanks. Looking forward to the opportunity to meet up


Good luck on this with the group.
I am a member of the group that covers East Shropshire/BlackCountry/Staffs. We meet near Stafford once every 2 months. I am currently taking lead of the group.
So get in touch if you every want to support one another. We only have about 5 members.
I am also in contact with the Wrexham group (meet at the “well known” Seven-stars pub/hotel). They are a very active and developed and well connected group.
Thanks, gerwyn


Diolch Gerwyn.
Yes it would be good to try to create a network of groups, with the aim of giving support to each other, swapping ideas and so forth. There is, I believe a group which operates in the Telford area but I haven’t been in touch with them as yet, but may do so if it seems appropriate.

I went to Saith Seren for a couple of years, but currently don’t as I’m doing a formal course on a Monday, which involves travelling to Welshpool, the same day as the Grwp Clebran takes place in Wrexham. However, I’m sure I’ll be going back again later in the year. As you say, it’s a very active, and I must say, welcoming group.

Do you just sit and chat in your group or do you try to throw in any activities? I hope to try to get my lot to get positively involved in whatever we do as I can’t envisage being able to come up with ideas for things to do ad infinitum, but any suggestions you can make would be welcome to add to those things I already have thought of to do.


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Good news, we have an inaugural meeting on Thursday next, 26 January, 7.30pm in the Brooklands Hotel, Shrewsbury SY3 9JT to decide how to take the group forward. We have almost a dozen people who have expressed an interest, so I hope you can all attend as it looks promising.

Sat. Nav will get you to the hotel but not into the car park. You will need to take the turning into Upper Road, which is 100 yards up the hill and then left down Mill Lane. Any problems on the night you can ring me on 07985-919358


Many thanks for that, it’s in the diary, looking forward to it.


Just missed this week’s newsletter, but I’ll get it in next week’s. I wish I was closer to Amwythig! It sounds like it will be fun.


Sorry, I can’t make that. Good luck with it.


Sorry. I can’t make it either, as that’s the evening of my Welsh class in Wrexham. Please keep me posted.


I live in Knighton and would be really interested in an Oswestry/Shrewsbury meet up.


OK @mattclarke51 you’d be very welcome to come to Shrewsbury if you feel like travelling such a distance. Details above of the first meeting.



Count me in for the first meet, but you do understand that I am a complete beginner. Russell


It’s not that far and every opportunity has to be taken. I’ll wait to hear further for details of the next meeting, assuming that the first meeting has already happened. Matt.


No @mattclarke51 , the meeting is on Thursday next 26th, see my post above.
@russellneailey no problem Russell. We’re all of us somewhere on the learning curve, so you’ll be in good company


OOPs sorry. Not Thursday next, a week on Thursday


Myself also, I’ve only been leaning a few months so this will be the first chance that I’ll have to use Welsh ‘in the wild’, even if it is only a little!


@Richmountart @amandalaing @Evie @russellneailey @johnbowen
To clear up any misunderstanding the first meeting is NOT next Thursday as I said but it IS the 26th as I also said. Sorry if I confused anyone


It’s in my diary. Very much hoping to get there.


My last post to you may have been misleading. The meeting is on the 26th as stated not tomorrow, so sorry for any inconvenience.


@Richmountart @awyragored @amandalaing @athrawes @Evie
Hi folks, we had our first meeting last night and despite the bitter weather there were six of us there. The main reason for contacting you now is that, should you wish to join us any time in the future, you’ll need to know that the meetings will be on the first and third Thursday of the month, a change from the original proposal, location and time unchanged. Therefore, there will be a meeting next Thursday, 2 February.
There wasn’t a lot of Welsh spoken but we enjoyed getting to know one another so I think it’s safe for you @Deborah-SSiW to put it in the meetups list if you like


I’m glad it went well. I occasionally drive past Shrewsbury on a Thursday evening so I’ll do my best to drop in sometime if that’s okay, though I won’t be able to make it regularly or often. Would you have any objection to that?