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Oswestry / Shrewsbury meet up?


What time do you start on Thursday? I’ll try and get there this week.


Possibly the second meeting but I won’t have time to cycle to the first meeting


We usually begin turning up from 7.30, but whenever you can get there you’ll be welcome


Hope to be there tonight - a slim possibility I won’t be but hopefully today will work out.


I am gonna try to come to Shrewsbury rail station then find my way to the pub. Won’t stay long as must bike it back to rail station for 9.15


Diolch a pawb. Oedd y trên yn aros yn y gorsaf yn barod. Arrived home 10pm.
Oedd o’n neis iawn meeting you all. Dw i ddim yn siwr sut i ddeud “eich cyf/gyfarfod ch” or whatever, dw i wedi blino rŵan. Well i mi gysgu…


Made it. Spent too much, perhaps, to do it regularly. When fit enough I’ll cycle the whole way perhaps, accompanied by flying pigs, methinks!


Well done for coming all that way @lornarhodes and @Gog also, great to meet other 6monthers, four of us tonight with @carol-thomas. Thanks Bryan @bryanroberts for arranging meeting.


Good to meet you, shame it is so far for you @lornarhodes hope you can make it again sometime- happy to pick you up from station if needed.


Thank you all for making the effort to drop in on us at the Wild Pig ( y mochyn gwyllt) tonight . Your presence tonight and last time has made a tremendous difference to the viablity of the group. Whereas i was concerned earlier in the year that the group was in danger of folding, now I feel it is really well established. Thank you all very much indeed. Hope to see as many of you as possible next time.


July is the month to experiment @carol-thomas! Another time a lift from station would be great, and I thank you again for the offer, nice to meet you!.. Sorry it was all a bit rushed the decision making around 2pm - then once I’d got to Wild Pig I could not seem to get a good enough signal to send messages via text or Slack or Forum to anyone when I tried - but ‘twas ‘yn dda iawn’ seeing you all. (I’m still avoiding that “eich…chi” construction). Thanks for ‘trefnu’ to @bryanroberts and please forward some to @john (?) (not trusting my memory with anyone’s surname after the Guinness) for guiding me safely across & beyond English Bridge. @Tricia your leading the way towards better m/f balance is impressive!


What a lovely grwp yn Amwythig! Really nice to meet everyone and pleased that adding a little support has made a difference to Bryan and the group continuing. Lovely to meet you some 6minthers in the flesh too.


@lornarhodes no problem, I’ll dm you my phone number John is @johnbowen


@johnbowen sorry won’t be at the wild pig on Thursday as unexpectedly got to go to Blaenau. Should be there for the following meeting though, diolch Carol


Hello Bryan hope you are well. Be grateful if you could let me know if meetings are planned for August. @bryanroberts


We agreed that we’d continue to meet throughout the summer in view of the numbers who turned up in June, so yes. Will we see you tonight? @Tricia


Thank you Brian. Can’t manage tonight I’m afraid, not definite about next time yet as we may have visitors. Hope all goes well tonight and to meet up again before long. Please give my regards to everyone.


Unfortunately there wasn’t an “All” to give your regards to @Tricia ! Fortunately @lornarhodes turned up or I’d have been drinking on my own. Nonetheless the two of us had a pleasant evening and a reasonable amount of Welsh was spoken. Hopefully there will be one or two more there next time Gawn ni weld


Sorry to hear that @bryanroberts and my hat goes off to Lorna travelling all that way @lornarhodes. If You’re up near Y Trallwng let me know and perhaps we can sort something out…


@bryanroberts Many thanks for the pleasure of your company, your patient listening and answering of questions, and the timely lift which enabled me to get the best possible train home.
@Tricia, your encouragement is much appreciated - and I heard you mention cake to a certain cyclist! I do not actually NEED. cake, it is always great to meet the dog that takes friendly bilingual humans for walks, and I know you have a canal, a library and farmers… I hope Y Trallwng is ready for my Welsh…