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Teacher Frank Letch’s Story

A fascinating portrait of a disabled husband, father, and teacher living in Wales. Frank Letch lives a remarkably independent life. He is shown riding a modified bike, driving an automatic car, and sailing; all with apparent ease. Frank also demonstrates extremely skilful use of his feet while gardening and playing darts. Always on the lookout for challenges, Frank became a fluent Welsh speaker in just two years. Musical interludes throughout help convey his upbeat approach to life. :point_down: :point_down:


If that’s Cwr yr Aran in Cynllwyd, it’s just down the road from where my Nain and Taid were living when I was born… :slight_smile:


Really, that’s amazing! Must have brought some memories up for you? I assume it must be the same place.


I just found this video which we filmed in 2014. It’s travelling from the top of Black Mountain to the village of Brynaman, Carmarthenshire, at the bottom. Stunning!
It might just tempt someone to pay us a visit? There are a good number of Welsh speakers here too.


Gareth yr Orang-Utan’s Cân i Gymru Snapchats compiled into a single YouTube video.

Warning: Contains industrial strength sarcasm.




A shame that ‘Lyfio mynd i Siop’ didn’t make it past the judges this year:


I really liked this video of Gareth on work experience. I also have to thank him for expanding my vocabulary regarding baking terminology. If I hadn’t watched the video, when we were discussing different bara brith recipes at the Merched y Wawr dinner last night, I wouldn’t have known what “burum” (yeast) was, but I did, so could confidently carry on the discussion. :smile:


Siop chips!


Super Gran Maureen wins the hearts of the nation when her video, went viral.



I just found this on YouTube! Published in 2016

Wonderful! I wish I was this brave and confident!!


“Lets get one thing straight though. While bilingual kids develop their language abilities differently, bilingualism does not cause confusion. Learning two or even three languages at once, does not cause confusion.”


Papur Wal exhibiting a shocking taste in beer. Useful subtitles, though.


Phil Wyman song: Say Something In Welsh To Me


Not specifically about Cymraeg but…

In 2018, The Welfare Ystradgynlais’ community arts team worked with Ysgol Maesydderwen, Ysgol Dyffryn Y Glowyr and Syrian families who have settled in Ystradgynlais to tell stories of refugees past and present.
Mae’r ffilm hon yn ysbrydoliaeth!
This film is an Award-winning inspiration!




Found this absolute gem last night. who wants to sing this now? aha


Nice one Caz, you beat me to it. This is definitely a great way to get your ear in tune for some natural South Walian.