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Having spent all my childhood summers in Llangadog (and Beaufort), that road is very familiar to me. When my mother was a child nearly 90 years ago, she walked ! across the Black Mountain from Llangadog to Cwmllynfell where her uncle ran the post office. Feeling proud of her achievement, she was devastated to receive a smack and a helluva row on arrival followed by being bundled into a car straight back home. :smile:


What a lovely place to spend your summers! Your poor Mum must have been gutted. I really love the area and am not far from there at all. We like to go for the ride and on the way back we stop and the Plough Rosmaen for a cream tea! :heart_eyes:


Here’s a quick look around the Urdd Eisteddfod in Cardiff from Jess Davies who I stumbled upon on Twitter.



Gareth really appeals to my sense of humour!


Watch “Hymns a Arias gan ‘Baldande’ Famous Max Boyce Song.” on YouTube

Neithiwr ar ôl Carnifal Gorslas. Pawb wedi mynd i’r dafarn y Phoenix am Noson Llawen gyda band ‘Baldande’
Roedd yn noson wir allan wych!

Last night after the Gorslas Carnival, everyone went to the Phoenix Pub for a fun night with the band ‘Baldande’. It was a really great night out!
Mae Ali yn joio iawn! :joy:


World’s first online Welsh language comedy platform launches