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Oxford walks


I am interested in another walk, and I have filled in the Doodle poll! Bethan


Sue, for some reason your entries aren’t showing up when I go to the poll :confused:


Maybe I neglected to save or something. I’ll have another look.


Sunday 13 September is looking good for @owen-mcknight, @bethan-williams-1, @chris-roberts and @johnwilliams_6. I shall be free at 1:30pm. Would you consider coming to Radley again?


I would.


That sounds like a good plan! I could make it! Diolch Sue.


Diolch, Sue - yes, 1.30pm in Radley would be OK for me.

If we also have a second walk on Sun 20 Sept or Sat 26 Sept that should allow @ruth-connor to join us.

We’ve still to hear from @RichardBuck and Clive, of course - and if anyone else seeing this is perhaps wondering about joiing us, do let us know. We’re always happy to welcome newcomers :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, that looks like four at least and maybe more. I doubt if Clive would want to come - we share a certain reluctance about buses at the moment though I am starting to use them now.
I was suggesting a walk through the woods and down to the river near Sandford then back via Lower Radley.

Suppose we start from the car park at 1:30. It would be about 2 miles through the woods and back down to the road. The road is on the 35 bus route from Oxford to Radley and Abingdon in case anyone wants to leave it there. The timetable says that buses come every 30 minutes, though it is also all right walking back along the road. Then it would be another 3 miles or so down to the river, back along the Thames path for a bit, then across a field and on a track back to Lower Radley and up by the route we have used before. It could be extended a little if people would rather follow the Thames all the way back to Radley College Boathouse and up to Lower Radley from there…
I don’t know the current state of the path, but there may be mud. The Thames path is narrow there and may be a bit overgrown. There is at least one stile at the entrance to Bigwood, but if I can manage it at my height then it should be OK for others. If I get a chance to go that way before 13th to inspect the mud then I will.
Would this suit?


Ah… sorry about this - it looks like I clicked Sun 13th instead of the 20th! We’ll be in Wales on the 13th but I’ll join you the following Sunday if another walk happens.


That’s a shame @chris-roberts. I had a look at 20th, but Bethan can’t do that one.
@johnwilliams_6 did mention a possible walk on 20th.
Come to Radley woods in the spring when the bluebells are out.

I did the walk in reverse this afternoon and it was fine. Not too much mud, and avoidable. As a bonus I was able to rescue two couples who had got lost - one near Sandford Lock and one in Little Wood. It may be little, but I have taken the wrong turn there before now.


Put me down as a definite maybe for Sunday 13th! (There’s an outside chance I’ll be in London, but if not, I’m happy to cycle to Radley.)


Good. Hope you can make it. Car park, not station this time.


For the second walk let’s settle, then, on Sun 20th, as both @ruth-connor and @chris-roberts can make that date. Port Meadow again, or the Thames towpath from Worlvercote are two possibilties, or perhaps Wytham Wood or Bernwood Forest - let me know which of these might appeal or if you have any other suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:


Some maps to provide a better idea of possibilities for Sun 20th

Port Meadow:

Thames towpath from Wolvercote:

Wytham Wood:

Bernwood Forest:


Sunday 13th, 1:30 pm in the car-park near Radley Church for the next walk. @bethan-williams-1, @johnwilliams_6, @RichardBuck, @owen-mcknight and me, assuming that Richard and Owen can make it. That makes 6 of us, so we are all right.

I’ll do my best to get the shop shut more or less on time and be with you at 1:30. As I was saying, we had a rush of Radley College boys last week and didn’t manage to shut the shop until 12:30 which meant we just got out by 1pm. It’s good for business, but we are supposed to shut at 12, having been there since 8am.

The plan is to go through the woods and back by the river. There’s a map above. The weather looks reasonable at the moment. Cloudy, but only a small chance of rain.

See you on Sunday.


Here’s an outline of the walk. I put this together with a great deal of help from Dewin Cysgliad (diolch @johnwilliams_6) which has installed itself into Word in an impressive way. It picked out rather a lot of places where mutations were needed and other places where mutations should not have been. If it is at all possible to get a mutation wrong then I will do it. I haven’t put in pictures this time. There’s absolutely no need to read it, but it was a useful exercise for me.
Coed Bach Radley Coed Mawr Radley ac Afon Tafwys.pdf (399.4 KB)


Da iawn @Betterlatethan - it reads well. Looking forward to it!


Edrych ymlaen! Diolch yn fawr Sue. Hwyl Bethan


Thank you for putting that together! It’s whetted my appetite for the walk. And thank you for explaining about the cycle route along Thrupp Lane, which is no fun on weekdays …


It’s appalling! No fun for walkers either - we have to keep leaping into the bushes as heavy lorries pass. At least walkers can take an unofficial diversion across the fields to avoid part of the Lane. How they can call it part of cycle route 5 I don’t know. The parish council were hoping to divert most of the lorries across to Audlett Drive and then close Thrupp Lane to anything bigger than a bike, but again there were problems with ownership of land and nothing happened. Tuckwells are going to extend their gravel digging operations and this can only make things worse. Sorry, rant over.