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Oxford walks


I won’t be able to make the walk after all, yn anffodus – apart from being half-way through the annual jam-making, Jenni has been told that she has jaundice and may need to go into hospital (query leptospirosis), so I’m standing by to be a taxi service.


We need a new thing to click meaning “I’m sorry to hear that” because “like” doesn’t seem to be quite right. Poor Jenni! I hope she will be OK. We missed you when discussing words relating to spiders.


Oh dear! Very sorry to hear that @RichardBuck - Jenni must be feeling pretty rotten. Do please give her our good wishes for a speedy recovery


@owen-mcknight said! – And he’s right, the GPC has copyn being borrowed from Middle English cop – ‘spider’. (Cops make webs: cop-webs.) ‘Attercop’ comes from an Old English word for ‘poison’ – I’m fairly sure Natterjack toads come from the same word (and were believed to be poisonous) in a (n)apron (n)uncle (n)umpire (n)adder sort of a way. I’m not sure which was the original form without looking it up, but I think it was the one without the ‘n’ – OE attor or something like that :slight_smile:

Jenni is now in the JR for obs, tests, and hopefully sometime tomorrow a firm diagnosis and a treatment plan. If it is leptospirosis then the complications can be horrible, but usually aren’t - I’m tentatively expecting starting a course of antibiotics in hospital and maybe finishing it at home.


Diolch eto @Betterlatethan am trefnu ein taith cerdded heddiw :slightly_smiling_face:

The mystery trees/bushes were spindle trees (Euonymus europaeus) or pyswydden in Welsh, i.e. peas + tree - the fruits do look a little like red chickpeas


So nothing to do with spiders webs being found on cob walls :disappointed: - I’ve a feeling that that’s a mistake I keep on making! :roll_eyes:


Thank you everyone for your company on Lovely walk today. I’m very sorry to hear about Jenni and hope she will be better soon. Very Best wishes Bethan.


I really enjoyed that. Thank you all. Perhaps we can go to the woods again in the bluebell season. I am kicking myself about the spindle tree. I used to know that once. Nice photo.


There are one or two possiblilties for our walk next Sunday, 20th Sept. If we choose Port Meadow again we could meet up, as before, by the car park at the southern end. Or if we met up at the carpark at the northern end, we could even leave it until the day itself to decide whether to walk in Port Meadow, follow the upstream Thames Path or go round Wytham Wood. What’s your preference @owen-mcknight @chris-roberts ?
Sue and Bethan won’t be able to join us this time and I’m not sure at the moment whether Clive or @RichardBuck will.


I can cycle to either car park but I’m afraid I still don’t know whether I’ll be available on Sunday. I hope this doesn’t scupper the walk!


No problem, Owen - hopefully Chris can make it and if Clive and/or Richard can as well so much the better but if I end up being the only one who can make it, we can always rearrange to another weekend later on :slightly_smiling_face:


I can still make it. Maybe we should try the northern carpark for a change from last time.


Gwych! Let’s say the northern car park then. 10.30am?


OK - see you on Sunday, whoever else can make it.


I got the bus down to the Oxford end of Kennington today and walked in Bagley Wood. I’ve put a couple of photos of amanita’r gwybed on What’s Outside. I had trouble finding the name in Welsh, but struck lucky with Wicipedia.


Just to confirm the walk+sgwrs this Sunday, 20 Sept. We’ll be meeting up at 10.30am in the free car park at the northern end of Port Meadow. For the walk itself, around Port Meadow is the default option, but the car park could also be a good starting point for a walk along the Thames path and back across fields, or to Wytham Wood and back, so we’ll decide on the day which of the routes route we want/don’t want to do :slightly_smiling_face:


I can join you on Sunday after all! Will bring my Wytham Woods walking permit just in case.


Gwych - see you on Sunday, then


Thanks for the walk @johnwilliams_6 and @owen-mcknight. Having cycled past the “Private” and “Permit Holders Only” signs many times it was a rare treat to get to go into the woods. A diolch am yr hufen iâ, Owen!


Diolch i’ch dau hefyd!
Everyone in Oxford’s now entitled to apply for a pass @chris-roberts so if you wanted one …