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Oxford walks


Dim probs @owen-mcknight - there’s still the Iffley Meadow option - or indeed doing it on Tuesday if it turns out more people could make it tomorrow …


… well, it doesn’t look as if anyone else can make it for today or tomorrow and it seems rain is now forecast for tomorrow anyway, so I guess we’ll have to forego the fritillaries until next year now as it seems unlikely they’ll last much longer this spring … :disappointed:


Helo bawb,

As my work is clashing with the meetups at the moment I was wondering if anyone fancies a Welsh walk in hyfryd Blackbird Leys this weekend. I realise it’s not the most scenic of areas but I can promise one dragon and at least one standing stone of dubious antiquity. We could meet in the car park by Blackbird Leys park. If anyone’s free and interested please let me know what times might be good - I’m off all weekend and therefore flexible.



Hi @chris-roberts,
Although I would love to see the dragon, unfortunately I am occupied at the weekend.


I like the sound of this! I’m free Sunday afternoon; the weather doesn’t look any better or worse then than it has been all week …


Well Owen it looks like it’s just you and me! It looks like it probably won’t rain but it could still be quite soggy underfoot, so I completely understand if you think we should wait for a drier time when there are more of us around. Otherwise I suggest 2pm tomorrow at the carpark in Cuddesdon Way. I don’t have John or Sue’s skill at annotating maps but it’s the P in the middle! (I’m assuming there’ll be somewhere or other to chain up a bike.)


Excellent! I know there’s bike parking at the leisure centre so I’ll go there first, then find you in the car park.


Let’s meet at the leisure centre then as it’s on the route! I only suggested the carpark for the benefit of those with cars.


Hope the weather stays dry for you today’s walk @chris-roberts & @owen-mcknight :partly_sunny:


We’ll aim to join you for at least some of the time!


Helo bawb - with summer on the way (I’m told … :roll_eyes:) hopefully we’ll have more opportunities for practising Cymraeg by having a regular walk+sgwrs. I’ve put together a few suggestions here for walks which should be reasonably accessible by public transport: Poss Oxford walks (Summer 2021).pdf (1.6 MB) - any other suggestions very welcome (if those without their own transport would be happy to accept a lift that would also open up quite a number of other possibilities)! :slightly_smiling_face:

As well as where, there’s also the issue of when, of course. In the past most of our walks were on a Saturday morning, but having them at the weekend doesn’t suit everyone, nor having them during the week. Maybe we could alternate, but do let us have your thoughts and comments on this.

For any newcomers, the idea is to have the opportunity to practise Welsh in a relaxed atmosphere while walking in pleasant countryside. Conversation tends to be a mix of Welsh and English and any gaps in conversation tend to feel quite natural, whereas these can start to feel quite awkward when seated around a table etc. Walks also have the advantage that we come across new things to talk about as we go! Partners and kids welcome to join us too - no need for them to speak Welsh! Let me know if you have any questions, comments ot suggestions

Hwyl a chadw’n saff
PS @chris-roberts @owen-mcknight @RichardBuck - hope your walk on Sunday didn’t turn out to be too wet


I like the look of all these walks, including several places I don’t know. Thank you for putting this together, especially finding walks from bus and train stations.

My children aren’t walkers which means I won’t usually make Saturday walks - instead, Sundays are best for me, but that might be trickier for public transport. I’d vote for alternating days, or simply trying to fit in with the weather!


Thanks John - the walks look interesting and I haven’t done most of them.

Our walk round the more “rural” parts of the Leys started inauspiciously with rain and high winds (and Richard nearly losing his hat) but it quickly calmed down and didn’t start raining again until just after we’d finished, so we were lucky there!


Thank you, @johnwilliams_6. That’s a great selection. I know some, parts of others and some not at all.


Helo eto - I’ve set up this Doodle poll for June to help decide on dates for walks for those who might be interested:
Click once on any dates which would be OK for you or twice for ‘maybe’ (you can go back to change your choices later if you need to)

Oxford Welsh learners group

Thanks, @johnwilliams_6
I have put maybe against several Thursdays and Saturdays, but I generally walk with Carol, so it may depend on whether she wants to come too.


I am possibly interested in these walks but how do I nullify giving any personal data to Doodle. Their pages for the management of Cookies is not very clear. Hwyl - Trefor Wiliams


By the look of it @trefor-williams the only way to get rid of cookies is via your browser settings - I did a search in my browser settings and it came up with three cookies. If you can’t find them on yours or you can’t access the Doodle poll after dealing with them, jut send me a PM with your choices and I can factor them in or maybe even include them in the poll under a false name/ffug enw


With my apologies for such short notice :slightly_frowning_face:, our first June walk+sgwrs is going to be tomorrow, Sat 5th June in Port Meadow. We’ll be meeting up at midday by the southern Port Meadow car park (see page 6 of pdf in post ten days ago).
Let us know if you’re planning to join us so we can keep an eye open for you, or if you have any questions
PS We should be able to provide much more notice of the next walks :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m afraid that my maybe for tomorrow has now turned into a not available! Enjoy the meadow and hopefully I’ll be free for a later walk.