Oxford Welsh learners group


O bechod! I’ll be away from Oxford that day :disappointed:
Clive has emailed to say that he can make it on Tuesday, though - let’s see how the others are placed - @cat-1 @mikeellwood @RichardBuck @rebecca @Betterlatethan @Laura_P_87 @s-coates1 @rachaelseculer-faber @ramblingjohn ? (apologies if I’ve omitted anyone …)


Wrth gwrs! Count me in!


I have to be at a meeting on Tuesday and can’t get to Oxford. :disappointed:


I might be able to take a short break from work on Tues :slightly_smiling_face:. Dw i yng Nghaerdydd yr wythnos ‘ma… trying to go to as many conversation things as poss while I’m here!


drw gen i .
I can’t make Tuesday.

Cheers J.p.


I almost certainly can’t make the next couple of Thursdays because I’ve felt obliged to agree to cover a class for somebody, but I should be able to be free for a while on Tuesday lunchtime-ish/early afternoon, so I’ll watch this space for planning am banad.


What sort of time were you thinking for next Tuesday’s Oxford meetup @aran? Last year we met up outside Linacre College and then headed off to the new Bodleian Library Cafe in Broad Street for lunch - did you want to do the same on Tuesday or just head straight for a cafe/pub somewhere?
Suggestions, everybody?


I’m not sure yet exactly when I’ll get there, but probably about noon - will definitely be walking in past Linacre again, and happy to meet anywhere - always fond of trying out new pubs or cafes… :slight_smile:


I’m happy to meet up anytime although I’ll have to shift at two to do the school run.
King’s Arms? That was nice I seem to remember - and fairly easy to find? Or the same cafe - Sdim ots 'da fi! :grinning:


Always happy to try a new pub… :slight_smile:


Spiffy! :grinning:


I work in London on Tuesdays and won’t be around in time, devastated!!


I think I can take some time and pop down to the Kings Arms (is that beside Claredon Building?) or cafe in that area on Tuesday.


Just across the road on the Holywell St/Parks Rd/Broad St corner


Boo to this sort of thing!


How about meeting up on Broad St instead of Linacre? Outside the Sheldonian/Bod or something? Easy to get to, and really near the aforementioned-destination-with-beer?


Glad I’m thinking of the right pub! I can just meet folks there at lunchtime :smiley:


Marvellous! It’ll be nice to meet you @Laura_P_87!
@aran - shall we all just make our way to the pub to meet up? Would that be ok for everyone else? @RichardBuck @rachaelseculer-faber


Works for me - easier than loitering on streetcorners near Linacre & propositioning passers-by in Welsh. Any particular time?


12ish? If that works for everyone?

Now there’s a hobby. Shall we make you a placard?