Oxford Welsh learners group


Oxford’s own John Evans.


12ish is fine for me - I work near Magdalen Bridge so will just be 10 mins or so to cycle or walk along


Like this?


Yn union!


I’ll probably be there a little after 12 - expect to be aiming to drop off my mother with my great-aunt at 12 and then it’s about a ten/fifteen minute walk in (plus a little ‘hang on, this isn’t that street, where the hell am I?’ time)… :slight_smile:


I get lost in Oxford a lot. It’s a nice place in which to wander off…


I’m glad that you have fixed up Tuesday. Now, is anyone planning to be at the Bap cafe on Monday at 11? If not, then I shall not go either.


Just to spoil the fun in getting lost :slight_smile: , here’s a map


I can’t be there today Sue - sorry! I’m planning to be there at one meeting or other next week though - are you at Bap next week?


Diolch, John - caredig iawn :slight_smile:


Hi @cat-1
I can be at Bap next week at 11. I have to leave promptly at 12.
I shall not be there today - nobody has replied and it’s getting a bit late to start out.


I’ll try to make 12ish at King’s Arms


Lovely to see you all again yesterday!

A wee reminder of the group that’s meeting tonight in the Big Society (Cymdeithas Mawr!) on Cowley Road at 8.30 - there’s four of us meeting there regularly.


Lovely to see you all and meet @rachaelseculer-faber and @Laura_P_87 - definite highlight of my day! And there’s something so lovely about sitting in the middle of Oxford in a Welsh conversation - loved that guy Welsh-checking us on his way out, too… :wink:


Still disappointed to have missed Tuesday’s meetup with Aran :disappointed:, but hoping to hear all about it at the 11am Monday Bap Cafe & midday Thursday Royal Blenheim meetups :slight_smile:
Hwyl, John


Hoping to Bappety Bap tomorrow! Be great to weld ti @johnwilliams_6 - feels like an age! :mushroom:


Hoping to see you both @cat-1, @johnwilliams_6 on Monday.


'He makes no effort at all to speak slowly’ should just about sum it up… :wink:


Helo pawb! I have fallen TERRIBLY out of the habit of looking at the forum and coming to meet-ups … if I’ve understood correctly, there is due to be a sgwrs meet-up at the Royal Blenheim on Thursday - will be happy to come along (if you can all forgive what has become some even rustier than usual Cymraeg)! I hope you are all well! X


Helo @rebecca! & Croeso yn ôl/Welcome back! Yes, indeed, there’s a sgwrs/meetup on Thursday from 1200 at the Royal Blenheim and we’ll look forward to seeing you there and helping ot get rid of some of that rust! :slight_smile:
… I’ve just noticed that your message is the 1000’th(!) on the SSiW Oxford thread so we can all celebrate that as well! :wine_glass: :beer:
Hwyl, John