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A good sgwrs at today’s meetup - diolch @rebecca @RichardBuck & Clive! -
plus Sunday 20th January was agreed as the date for this month’s :walking_woman:walk+sgwrs:walking_man:(further details later on the Oxford Walks thread:
Hwyl, John


Just to confirm, Oxford SSiW meetups for the coming week will be:

  • Monday, 14 Jan from 11am in Cafe Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Thursday, 17 Jan in The Royal Blenheim, St Ebbe’s/Pembroke St from 12 noon (NB 12 is theRB’s new opening time, so don’t be worried if you arrive a couple of minutes before 12 and find the doors locked)

Also a quick reminder about the walk next weekend on Sunday 20 Jan - I’ll be posting a couple of suggestions for the route on the Oxford walks thread in the next day or so.
Hwyl, John


Some suggestions for the walk next Sunday, 20 Jan, now on Oxford Walks thread :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


I am currently expecting to be at Cafe Bap on Monday.


First child free Monday since Chrimblemas and the poor pony is ailing. She is Welsh and so should not be conspiring against me like this, but the vet is coming tomorrow, and so I am not.


Oh, baď luck @cat-1 :disappointed: - you’ll just have to say soothing things in Cymraeg to your merlyn druan :slight_smile:


Poor pony. :disappointed: Better luck next week.


Mae’n ddrwg 'da fi fy mod i wedi gadael mor sydyn. Croesais i y ffordd ar y goleuadau. Stopiodd y bws ar y goleuadau a rhedais i i’r safle bws gan chwifio fy mraich yn wyllt. Oedd popeth yn iawn. Y tro nesa mae’n rhaid i fi fod yn fwy gofalus am yr amser.
I’m sorry that I left so quickly. I crossed the road at the crossing lights. The bus stopped at the lights and I ran to the bus stop waving my arm wildly. Everything was OK. Next time I must be more careful about the time.
(It’s a good thing that I paid at the start, or I would certainly have missed the bus.)


Glad to hear you managed to catch the bus @Betterlatethan ac oedd popeth yn iawn yn y diwedd!


A couple of dates for the diary :slightly_smiling_face:


A quick remember about tomorrow’s meetup …


For the walk+sgwrs on Sunday (20 Jan) we’ll be heading to Shotover Country Park - see Oxford walks thread for details -hope you can make it :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


Here are this week’s planned Oxford meetups:

  • Monday, 21 Jan from 11am in Cafe Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Thursday, 24 Jan in The Royal Blenheim, St Ebbe’s/Pembroke St from 12 noon (Remember the RB doesn’t now open until 12)

As always, all welcome, but do let me know, if you can, if you’re thinking of coming along
Hwyl, John


All being well, I should be at Cafe Bap at 11 on Monday. On Thursday there’s a Ramblers’ Walk, so I am unlikely to be at the Ropyal Blenheim.


Diolch Sue - see you in the Cafe


Hi all - an update on the Wednesday evening meetups.

We are moving from the Big Society to James Street Tavern (James St!) in East Oxford for an 8:30pm start.

Hope to see you there!


Just a quick reminder about the meetups tonight and tomorrow:

  • Wed 20 Jan 8.30pm in James Street Tavern, James St, East Oxford
  • Thurs 21 Jan 12:00 in the Royal Blenheim, St Ebbe’s/Pembroke St

Hwyl, John


Hey, Oxonians!

Any of you around next Tuesday?

I’ve got a meeting at 11 - probably better leave through to about 1ish before expecting it to be over - but then, barring a possible cup of tea with my great-aunt, kicking my heels for the rest of the day (driving home Wednesday morning).

Anyone fancy some Welsh practice? Possibly involving alcohol and a bite to eat at some point? Or have good ideas for interesting things to do in Oxford on a Tuesday evening in mid-winter? :slight_smile:


Hi Aran - Yes, I’ll be around on Tuesday - happy to meet up whenever suits :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John



I’d be up for that - if evening, then could congregate in a pub in the centre that does food.