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On schedule so far… :wink:


Just waiting for a taxi!


Just to say I’ll be leaving work soon to head to Kings Arms - I’m at Hilda’s so only about 15 mins away.


Thank you everyone, that was fun. It was great to meet @aran, and it genuinely was for the first time. Have fun @Laura_P_87 and everyone else who makes it through the rain.


Oh, and in reply to @RichardBuck’s question, I have checked my diary and I should be there on Thursday.


Still find that a little hard to believe, but I’m going to take it on trust (and be glad it’s no longer the case next time… ;-)).

@rebecca - I was going to say how dreadfully sorry I was for running so late, but I gather you saw me coming and just managed to sprint to safety before I arrived?.. :wink:

@RichardBuck @johnwilliams_6 @rachaelseculer-faber @Laura_P_87 @s-coates1 - thank you all so much for your company - it was, as always, an enormous pleasure, and I can’t wait until we get to the point of being able to do more to help promote this terrific group you’ve built… :heart:

@cat-1 - hope you’ve managed to get a sympathetic car-doctor…! :frowning:


… and an equally enormous pleasure for us - diolch i ti @aran !:slightly_smiling_face:


After some head scratching, two types of Gaffa and some electrical tape have saved the day until such time as a relevant part appears! Should go well with the baler twine and blutac that seems to be holding the rest of the thing together… :red_car::red_car:
Sorry to have missed you @aran!


We had a really positive meeting with Routledge, so I think it won’t be long until the idea of ‘bloody meeting Aran for another drink in the King’s Arms’ starts to seem like an unfair burden… :wink:


We can but grin and bear it, Aran … :wink:

Good luck re Routledge’s meeting tomorrow!


Hahahaha … I was sorry to miss you! It was great to have a chat with the others though, especially as I’m not going to make our usual meeting today :sob: Great to hear that all went well with Routledge, and hopefully catch up the next time you’re in the area!


Oxford friends … sadly I’m running waaaay behind today and won’t be able to make our Blenheim meeting, I will be having lunch at the laptop instead :pensive: See you next week, I hope!


Someone must have set you a bad example… :wink:


Fi hefyd - nearly 1:30 and I haven’t yet left work, I’m afraid, so I’m not going to make it after all.


Ok, diolch Richard


Helo pawb - after Aran’s visit last week, this week it’s back to the usual pattern of meetups:

  • Monday, 4 Feb from 11am in Cafe Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Wednesday 6 Feb 8.30pm in James Street Tavern, James St., East Oxford (check with @s-coates1)
  • Thursday, 7 Feb in The Royal Blenheim, St Ebbe’s/Pembroke St from 12 noon (now RB opening time)

Hwyl, John
PS I might be arriving a bit late on Thursday, but hopefully no more than 15 mins or so


I expect to be there on Monday, but I shall be out with the Ramblers on Thursday, weather and hip permitting. If Stuart is there, I’ll remind him about the meetings. You never know…


A quick reminder about today and tomorrow’s meetups …

… and that on Thursday I might turn up a bit late - hopefully no more than 15 mins or so :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


I’m afraid that I won’t make the RB meeting again this week - too much work. Hope everyone who attends has a good sgwrs :slight_smile:


Oh bad luck @rebecca :disappointed: Are you still able to fit in the walk on 16/17 Feb, by the way?