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S’mae John, Many thanks for your response. I wondered if that was the case, as I couldn’t find any recent messages. Thank you, I keep an eye on the Oxford posts. As you say it is a bit far for me, but hopefully I will be able to join up with you occasionally. Hwyl, Anne.


Hi all. Despite saying I was up for a river trip I seem to be working or away most weekends over the summer so you’ll probably have to do this one without me. I hope to be able to come on a future outing though.

Am intending to come along to the Bap tomorrow.


First, diolch Bethan and Chris for today’s sgwrs in Cafe Bap :slightly_smiling_face:

@RichardBuck @Betterlatethan @rebecca @rachaelseculer-faber @jane-18 @bethan-williams-1 @mouselovinlady @thomasd @chris-roberts @cat-1 - the feeling is it’s worth a try, at the same time swapping venues making Cafe Bap 1030 on Wednesdays and the King’s Arms 1200 on Fridays. We’ll keep the current schedule for the next couple of weeks, though, and start the new pattern from Wed 14th August (still not too late, though, for alternative suggestions you might have :slightly_smiling_face:).

Let’s settle on the 2.30pm boat trip on Sun 18th August then, which suits several of us - maybe partners and kids might like to tag along too! We could perhaps invite SSiW folk from further afield to join us as well for a pleasant day out :slightly_smiling_face:


That would be fine for me.


A quick confirmation of this week’s meetups …

  • Wednesday morning, 31 July from 10:30am in the King’s Arms, Holywell Street
  • Wednesday evening 31 July 8.30pm in James Street Tavern , James St., East Oxford (check first with @s-coates1)
  • Friday morning, 2 Aug from 10:30am in Café Bap, Abingdon Rd

… don’t forget though that this pattern will be changing in a couple of weeks’ time :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


Wish I could make the boat trip! It sounds lovely.

Let me know if I need to change any information in the newsletter when you make the changes. Diolch :slight_smile:


Hi @dee
It would have been be wonderful if you were able to join us for the boat trip but, I admit, it is a bit far to pop over for the afternoon! :grinning:

Sorry, yes - the new arrangment from 14th August onwards is that we’ll be meeting at 1030 in Cafe Bap on Wednesdays and midday in the King’s Arms on Fridays
Diolch, John


Just to say I’m still here although chaos of life and general anxiousness means I haven’t made any meet-ups! I’m still watching Pobol y Cwm and listening to SSiW when I get chance and am hoping to get the order in life and general courage to come to a meet up soon!


Helo Meg - good to hear from you - glad to hear you’re still hanging in there! :slightly_smiling_face:.
I was wondering, could it be helpful, do you think, to meet one or two of us - maybe Cat and Jo just down the road in Kirtlington (@cat-1?) - just for a cuppa a chat and a bit of dog walking, i.e. not for a meetup to practise Welsh?


Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’m interested in joining the Oxford group. I started learning Welsh in Exeter a few years ago and did get involved in a group but unfortunately I never got into the habit of continuing Welsh when I moved away so am about to start again from lesson 1!

I’ve got a 1-year-old who would be joining me for any daytime meet-ups until we start childcare - he is part of what is motivating me to pick it up again.

I hope to meet some of you soon :slight_smile:


Helo @claireesau - great to hear we may be having another new member for the group! :slightly_smiling_face:
With your one-year-old sitting in on our meetups we’d have one more topic of conversation - it’s all grist to the mill :grinning: - maybe the plentyn bach might start to get an ear for a little bit of Welsh, too! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope you can make it soon
Hwyl, John
PS If you haven’t anything else going on. how about joining us for the boat trip down to Abingdon on Sun 18 Aug?


Is anyone planning to be at Cafe Bap tomorrow (Friday)? I am currently planning to be there at 10:30, but will not stay for more than 30 min if nobody else turns up.

@claireesau ??? Abingdon Road, a bit further out of town than Folly Bridge, just past the White House pub.



Yes, I’ll be there, Sue - not sure about anyone else, though
Tan 'fory, 'ta, John


I’ll try and make it tomorrow, I’ll drop a message on here if I’m not able to make it.

The boat trip looks good! I’ve mentioned it to my husband, we’ve got nothing in the calendar so may be able to join :slight_smile:


I’m also coming down to Cafe Bap today. I might even be (nearly) on time…!


I turned the corner to see the bus pulled over with its hazards on, never a good sign! Should be there for 11, on the next one now


Hi Claire, it was great to meet both of you. I am expecting to be at the Kings Arms on Wednesday, and I shall bring the books I mentioned.


Just to confirm next week’s meetups which still follow the existing pattern. I won’t be able to make any of these, I’m afraid, so do please post a message if your intending to go and check this thread to make sure you won’t be the only one :slightly_smiling_face: (don’t forget that the pattern of meetups will changing from Wed 14th!)

  • Wednesday morning, 7 Aug from 10:30am in the King’s Arms, Holywell Street
  • Wednesday evening 7 Aug 8.30pm in James Street Tavern , James St., East Oxford (check first with @s-coates1)
  • Friday morning, 9 Aug from 10:30am in Café Bap, Abingdon Rd

Also if you decide to come on the boat trip on Sun 18th you’ll have the chance to meet SSiW’s Aran Jones and family: :slightly_smiling_face:


Just tagging @RichardBuck @Betterlatethan @rebecca @rachaelseculer-faber @jane-18 @bethan-williams-1 @mouselovinlady @thomasd @chris-roberts @cat-1 to make sure you’ve seen this


… and @Laura_P_87 @s-coates1 @claireesau :slightly_smiling_face: (can only tag a max of 10 at a time, it seems :slightly_frowning_face:)