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Post party Chat (including Tatjana appreciation)


Wrth gwrs, a huge diolch to everyone involved in organising the whole weekend - an amazing achievement - you must be knackered now! Ymlaciwch nawr! xx


One of my fellow Totters roommates left a pair of spectacles in the room in a soft, burgundy-colored pouch. They probably belongs to either Mark(not Gog Mark) or Louise. I’m leaving this morning so I will leave them in the room for today and when Mark/Gog gets back from yr Wyddfa, he can either leave them with Bob the the hostel owner, so the specs owner can contact Totters and have them mailed, or give them to someone at the boot camp who will be seeing one of the potential owners soon.


Post-party blues just kicked in, but in a positive kind of way ‘cos I just want to go out and do something Welsh. I still have a batch of Pice ar y maen and my motorbike is calling me from the garage.
Is anyone within striking distance of Portsmouth needing some company or a spot of reminisce-time?
Has to be today as I’m back to work tomorrow…



(Post party blues … hmmmm, this sounds really cool!)


(shhh … I’m at work so only this for now and thank you all for the kind words) :slight_smile:


The BLUES! Why didn’t I think of that! I’ll get my guitar - Thanks Tatjana!,


Gwych! I was hoping somebody would remember all the lovely heartless people :rofl::joy:


Thank you again @HuwJones, @gruntius and everyone - my gift looks fantastic in the garden (especially now the sun’s come out!)


Dw i’n wrth fy modd. :grinning: What a lovely garden! The freesias look as beautiful as G & I had hoped “because you’re worth it” :star::star2:
(We seem to have chosen the right colour, too :smile:)
We must give credit to Catrin, who steered us in the right direction.


Yes the poppies are going bonkers in the background (and that’s just the ones on that side - there are more out of shot!). Mind you, I have been MiracleGro-ing the **** out of them to make sure I had enough seeds! :rofl:


I’ve come home with a cold. Cwtching too many women, Maureen reckons. :blush: :laughing:


The seeds have gone down very well in my family, diolch. My daughter-in-law who is the most accomplished gardener has taken charge of them. :smile:


Hey hang on, chwarae teg, Aran’s one of the most lovely, heartless people you could meet.

Hmm, there’s a paradox, or an oxymoron, or something else in that last statement…


I’m ten challenges behind and moving rather slowly.


Well done!

Level 3 covers some really useful, interesting material, but I find that while some things sink in quickly, some don’t. Do you experience that too? Thankfully, the built-in repetition and reminders in subsequent lessons are a big help. Even elusive words or phrases, eventually feel natural, but I have to write some of them down too. What’s your approach?



I sneak in the conversation, since I experienced exactly the same as you’ve just described and ended up feeling quite stuck. So I decided to write the sentences in English down and it worked way better. I’m verrrry close to finishing now - but I’m sure I’ll need to repeat at least some of them a few times.
(BTW not sure how this topic ended up in the post party chat, but since we’re here… if anyone would like the English transcriptions, just ask)


My 6-year-old goes to a gardening club at school, and promptly pinched half of them off me to take in to plant this afternoon. We’ll plant the rest at home, so they’re goign to be appreciated :slight_smile:


BTW not sure how this topic ended up in the post party chat

Good point. If you think it should move, let me know where you’d like it to go :smile:


Calling all techy people. What’s the best way to create space online for everyone at the party to be able to post their photos of the evening in a sort of shared album?

Not everyone uses Facebook. So what other options do we have?


So, I’m home and I (annoyingly for some) need to say some more words on the topic.

Firstly: @catrinlliarjones thank you for your lovely messages in Welsh and English. I’ve listened to them both although they’re actially not meant for me to be. I hope you finally could curl into one corner and get so deserved sleep after all. :slight_smile:

Then on …

That was the super hard thing - asking the questions and not reveal even a tiny bit of what’s going on. I wanted to be a total surprise. That’s also why in one of those questions I didn’t want to give the whole refrain to listen but only the second part of the (if I remember correctly) the second verse of it. There were many “circling around” the boiled water in order to avoid revealing anything in particular. However the rap was in more or less quite whole shape by then though.

My son said just “crazy” and left that “positive note” out as he havily doubted I’d make it all properly and in time. :slight_smile: But at the end he made a video of spinning Earth for me in Blender (made the Earth and the animation by himself also). :slight_smile:

Owowow … I have to grow up a bit to be capable of touring with Mr Phormula though. But it might never happen as I’m over 50 and I count years only backwards now. It might be why I’m getting more and more “silly” ideas about what ny projects should be. :slight_smile:

That’s what I was hoping for. Diolch i ti hefyd.

You’re welcome. And I hope it worked. :slight_smile:

Google photos, Dropbox, Flickr (it is standalone now and not bound to Yahoo anymore) …


Dropbox or Google Drive/Google Photos? I’m not sure on free storage limits though…