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Hi there - yup, must slow down! I’m trying to give an accurate representation of the Welsh you’d hear on the street, but without going at it like a highspeed train! I need a speedometer… :slight_smile:


Excellent suggestions there. Some of the Sgyrsiau I have coming up incluse classic cars, sol-fa, gut health and kefir, welsh football, welsh popular music, and the challenges of running a welsh bookshop! Outdoor sports is a very good suggestion as it is a big part of the local economy here in Snowdonia where I live.


Yep, absolutely possible. I shall hunt down an interviewee! Many thanks for the support.


Glad you enjoyed it! It’s been good fun doing the Sgyrsiau - hope you continue to enjoy them.


So pleased to have been able to go through this. Only done it twice so far but I think I will probably do this one more than three times. One point though, and I hope this doesn’t sound negative, will future ones really be around 30 mins long? Listening would be okay for that period but I don’t know how likely I would actually read the script and I think it is important to do that to really get to grips with all the words. Whatever though, looking forward to this new phase.


Yep, I appreciate that it’s just normal conversational speed, (or perhaps even slower than one might hear in normal Welsh conversation), it’s just fast for me, but them I’m a bit of a new learner so no surprise there. The ‘Pause’ button helps my brain to catch up! Great work though, much appreciated. (Next task - try watching Rownd a Rownd heb subtitles!). And Aran, I shall take your advice.


No no no, no slowing down - that feels like a short-term win for learners, but is a long-term loss - adaption to natural speed is hugely, hugely important - so please keep talking at absolutely natural speed… :slight_smile: :star2:

Yes, they will - and it’s a real chunk of content - over time, you’ll find that you can listen and just need to check certain bits, as your understanding skills improve.

But also - if you do just the first 10 minutes of each week’s piece, you’ll still be miles ahead of people who aren’t doing this kind of work… :slight_smile:


Personally, and rather selfishly, I liked the speed. It was slower than the radio, but quicker than the Challenges.

Admittedly it was a bit fast for studying the meaning or translation of individual words (hence, the pause button), but it had a nice flow to it.


Not at all, that’s exactly what we all need, full speed gabbling. There was one instance of mishearing (I heard clodi/clawd instead of tlodi/tlawd) which threw me for a sec and I learnt a new phrase (iaith yr aelwyd) which is fantastic. Diolch eto.


Maybe not the “correct type” of history but Rhys Mwyn is a very interesting guy, very easy to understand, and has a history of helping out SSiW.


This is really wonderful. I have only so far had time to listen to part of it while cooking, but I really want to pay proper attention, and follow Aran’s advice on how to listen and use the transcripts. I’m going to start that this afternoon. As a Southern learner, I’ll have to get used to some of the Gog :wink:

As a Rownd a Rownd fan, I’m excited for the interview with Leisa Gwenllian. Any other interviews with RaR characters would be great, too, or insight into script writing, behind the scenes, etc. The topics you’ve chosen so far sound great! Diolch yn fawr iawn, Beca! :star:


Thanks for this, have just listened to it and think it’s great. Looking forward to hearing some more! Beca speaks very clearly.


How ‘Advanced’ do you need to be to do this, Aran? I’m on Challenge 19 of Level 3, and I’ve been attending Mynediad classes for a year. When will I be Adanced?


I just finished listening to it, once.
It seemed easier than radio, because I was able to understand more or less what she was talking about. And despite the Gog accent, I’m not used to! :slight_smile:
Then I had a look at the transcripts…awwwww…reading is harder than listening. :scream:

Therefore, since listening and then trying to read all the transcript is quite exhausting and takes quite some time for me no. Just a question:

Does this mean the best would be to listen and then read the transcript right away?
Or it doesn’t matter?
Like, for example, I can just listen to it now, then tomorrow read the transcript, then next day listen to it again, translation yet one more day later etc?

Also I seem to understand there’s never a moment when you listen and read the transcription at the same time, right?

p.s. Thanks a lot @beca-brown, I’m sure this is going to be very helpful!


BRILLIANT :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: Diolch o’r galon


I think it’s probably best if you finish off Level 3 first - it won’t do you any harm to start listening to these straight away, of course, but it’s important it doesn’t end up taking time away from getting to the end of Level 3… :slight_smile:

Also, do make sure you’re doing a 5 minute daily session with the last accelerated listening exercise from Level 2… :slight_smile:

The best option is definitely to read straight after listening - that makes it easier for your brain to match the details - but that can get time consuming, of course, so if you need to wait a day or so between each step, that won’t be the end of the world… :slight_smile:

But no, you’re right, listening and reading at the same time isn’t a good idea - just means your focus isn’t fully on either activity.


Thanks Aran


Perfect, thanks Beca a pawb. Really useful.

@beca-brown I have an idea for you to consider. I have a friend who works for Tinopolis, he hails from the Llanelli area, and always complains when he gets sent to the north to do interviews etc, as he still struggles with yr acen gogledd. (Despite doing the job for tens of years now, and being first language)

I for one would find it interesting to hear this thrashed out (in an adult,civilised fashion :wink: )and it would give a piece with two distinct dialects.

I haven’t asked him yet, but I think he’d be intrigued enough to go for it if you thought it of interest to you. I’d be happy to approach him if you like at any time.


I’ve just had a listen on the laptop to this new section and I think this is the final piece of the jigsaw for me. I was toying with the idea of starting a traditional evening class this September and opted out at the last minute. Now I can utilise that time I have saved listening to Beca and friends. The speed and accent is fine and feels like real-time and is very clear and pleasing to the ear. Diolch
I too would like to see this make it’s way onto the phone app in the future if that’s possible? As I watch a lot of programmes on S4C (including rownd a rownd) the strong northern accent is not too much of a problem for me, in fact I enjoy listening to the variations at times but I prefer the Pembs/Carmarthenish Lilt for obvious reasons.
@beca-brown please sort Mags and Arthur out when you get a chance I would love to see them arrested and charged with the very serious blackmail offence if it’s not been written in already. Also give Kelvin a break please. He’s been to jail and his wife is on the cusp of leaving him . . . . . . I’d best stop before there.

Dioch eto SSIW


I thought it was a good, natural speed, if that’s any help. Don’t cut us any slack - make us work for it!