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Literally LOL’ed at that. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes indeed, that’s David’s house, where he used to live with Dani, and later with Rhys.

I’ve stood outside it :smiley:

(my pic)

Lowri would be renting it from Kay and Meical, though. So Michelle can say goodbye to the money she thought she might get from the sale, if Kay’s not selling her half. (Though she’d get part of the rent on a monthly basis.)


Yes, it’s definitely the daughter of the actress who plays Sophie. I once asked about it on the RaR FB page, and they confirmed it. Also it was mentioned in a doc type programme that the actress did.

She almost only ever appears in scenes with Sophie also in them.

At one time, I thought that Mia was really the daughter of the actress who plays Lowri; they look similar. But apparently she isn’t.

Oh good point. And it looks like Meical and Michelle were not consulted, so there will be trouble in that direction too.

Do we see a reconciliation between Vince and Sophie coming up?
It was never really made all that clear why they split up. Neither had met anyone else at the time.
It just seemed that Vince had got fed up of the whole thing, and Sophie didn’t feel strongly enough to try to keep them together.


I had that feeling too!

And speaking of feelings, I felt a big lump in my stomach when I saw Kelvin playing games with his old mate Dec and completely ignoring his wife whom he was “so lucky” to have on their special night… what oh what was he doing?


Well, it would seem that Ken and Kay have given him a very severe talking to (“ear-bashing” in Kay’s case), and maybe he has seen sense.

However, the “gift” of him and Lowri living in David’s old house (paying rent of course) is problematic, for reasons people have mentioned. And also because it would appear to be rewarding Kelvin for bad behaviour (even if it’s meant for Lowri’s benefit as well, of course).

Lowri is in a dilemma (trilemma? quadrilemma? …). I think she was almost content at Kelve’s bad behaviour, since it would give her the perfect excuse to ditch him in favour of Philip.

But now he’s suddenly a “reformed character”, it would appear that she is stuck with him, despite no longer loving him (I think that’s what she told Philip).


Who is her R&R father? Is it Vince? I gathered not. It is the character I’m sorry for! She is probably a good actress and not a scheming minx!
Vince may be well shot of Sophie, who does seem to be a scheming ***!

I suppose he hasn’t found his gay side?


That would be a way out for Lowri!


I have always assumed it was Vince actually.

However, he is not Owain’s father. I know that from a series of episodes starting when Kay accidentally knocked Owain over, while coming into the shops foreground to park.

Vince was in the doghouse for not keeping a closer eye on him (he’d been playing football out there), and Sophie was casting aspersions on Vince’s abilities as a father. He protested that he was as much of a father to Owain as any real dad…so clearly, he wasn’t his biological dad.
But I don’t know (or can’t remember, if I ever knew) who was his real dad.

(S4C seem to have got rid of a lot of the old but very informative pages that used to be on the programe website. Shame!)

The reason Vince was not keeping an eye on Owain is rather interesting actually: at the time, he and Lowri were having a flirtation which never got as far as an actual affair. And at the time of Owain’s accident, Vince was in the K-Kabs office having a close personal discussion with Lowri - I don’t mean they were canoodling, but it must have been obvious to anyone who got to see them at they were more than friends…and Ken got to see them…via the CCTV! - So Kelvin got to hear about it, and the result was that he punched Vince in the face in front of the shops and knocked him down.

Vince said Kelvin had been entitled to do that, and Kelvin and Lowri made up (I suppose it made Kelvin appreciate Lowri more, and he probably tried harder for a bit). And basically, no more was said!

I think the thing with Philip is more serious. We’ve seen them canoodling, and (although we didn’t see it), the suggestion was that they’d had Ugandan Discussions (that’s a Private Eye reference, and it means exactly what you think it means :slight_smile: ) at least once.


This is a test of the [spoiler] “BBCODE” (end it with /spoiler inside square brackets)

[spoiler] In the next episode, Dani is going to run away with Philip, and Lowri is going to run away with Jac, her true love…[/spoiler]

(I may have made up all or part of the above, for “humorous” effect :slight_smile: )

hmm…didn’t work. Idea is that it’s not visible until someone clicks it. Could be something that the forum admins choose to implement, or not.


looks like that didn’t work, either.

@Aran I believe that Discourse’s primary “language” is “markup”, rather than BBCODE, but it does seem to support a lot of the BBCODE tags (e.g. [u] for underline).

[spoiler[ would be very useful for a thread like this one (also Pobol y Cwm).

Assuming it’s something that the forum admins have to enable or switch on, would it be possible for you to have a word with the appropriate technical persons behind the scenes?

Many thanks.


Trying something else

EDIT: Aha! Found another way of doing it, from another forum.

Highlight all your “spoiler” text, then click on the “gear” icon in the editing qindow, then click on “hide details”. It then results in your spoiler text not being shown, but merely “summary”.

When people want to read it, they click on the arrow.

Works just as well as a [spolier] tag, but it’s not quite as obvious that it’s a spoiler.
The person posting it would have to add some text to make it clear.



OK, I was lying before. Dani isn’t running away with Philip. She’s running away withLowri!

n.b. looks like you can’t have anything on the same line before your spoiler text. hmmm…

If using this, probably best to experiment a bit.

Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬

Looks like an interesting discovery! :slight_smile:

Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬

Following contains spoilers for episode Tuesday 26.06.2018.

Click on arrow to read:

[details=Summary]So problem of Meical and Michelle (especially) objecting to Lowri and Kelvin moving into Ty David has been solved.

However, even though the will might take a while to be settled, it will be settled one day, and then presumably Lowri and Kelvin would have to move out (unless of course, they can afford to buy it).

All this assumes they are still together.

Lowri seems in a distinct quandary; she’s now stuck with an apparently reformed Kelvin

Michelle has still not learned has she? Still not giving out proper receipts! (at least not on time).



Another variation - see below

(put text in between [ details=Spoiler ] and [ /details ] tags (but with no spaces within []
text after details= can be anything, it seems - I’ve put “Spoiler”.
Tagging @Aran for info.


Well done! Especially because I haven’t watched yesterday’s episode yet :slight_smile:


For me anyway, I think it’s easier & better to put in the [ details=Spoiler ] and [ /details ] manually, and not use the “gear” icon at all.

You will actually soon see why it’s better than the “gear” icon, when you try using the latter, at least for multi-paragraph posts.


Regular RaR-ers will know that it takes a break over summer. Looks like that break will come after next Thursday’s episode (12th July 2018).

There are two possible cliff-hangers: Whether Michelle and Meical will actually go to Casnewydd, and whether Britney will go with them.

And will the Lowri - Philip - Kelvin thing come to a head, and if so, exactly how?
I think it might, actually. But I’m not sure exactly how.

Whatever happens, I don’t see Lowri in Tŷ David … at least, not with Kelvin.


And yet it always takes me by surprise! :frowning2:

Do we really think Meical and Michele will leave the show? (I’m asking not having seen the last two episodes…going to watch them now!)

Hopefully there will be some good things to watch on the international S4C site over the summer. The last two summers they haven’t shown any Eisteddfod coverage, which has been hugely disappointing. Good thing it was shown summer 2015 when I first started learning Welsh, or I wouldn’t really understand what the Eisteddfod is all about.

Also, anyone know if Byw Celwydd is coming back?


Fi hefyd!

Could go either way, I think. I never thought Llio would go, bur…

I believe we have been promised a 3rd series, but I think it normally comes on either at the end of a year, or early in the new year, so we have some time to wait.

I found myself in North Wales for a short time recently, probably within about 35 miles of Menai Bridge, and was tempted to pay a quick visit to the RaR set, but I didn’t really have time, and it didn’t really fit in with the circumstances of my visit.

But it got me wondering (not for the first time) when do they do most of the shooting for the series, and could be during what (for us) is their “break”?

However, I think the break is “only” for 2 months at most and I don’t think they could fit in all the filming into that.time.


They fair keep Ysbyty Gwynedd A & E going in this soap.

Also, Dylan and Rhys anyone? Although if my garage mechanic said to me “Your car’s toast. You need a new one. By the way here’s my dad who sells cars.” I’d run a mile!


Oh now that would be good! [quote=“Colindale, post:1238, topic:578”]
I’d run a mile!

Yes - but he didn’t! Does that tell us something?


I’d approve of this. I like both of them. I think they’ll need a way to integrate Dylan in with the main characters/overall plot. Right now he stands to only be in schools scenes to annoy Mathew (in his eyes). Rhys definitely looked interested or at least intrigued by Dylan when Carys introduced him.

I’m torn on Meical and Michelle moving. I don’t necessarily want them to leave but I’m getting tired of Ron’s will situation. Not to mention Michelle’s overall storyline of woe is me and money problems. Maybe they’ll move temporarily to figure out what to do with the pub. I also wonder if Kelvin, Lowri and the kids move out that frees up a lot of space. Maybe Britney can stay with Kay and Ken and at least finish out the school year? Are her and Kylie meant to be the same age?

Potentially 3 characters leaving and only one new coming in (Dylan) is a big shift.


Yes, they both had 16th birthday parties within the last year or so (or within the current school year. I think they are both meant to be in the GCSE year. Just the time not to be moving, although in real life time, GCSE’s are all done now, aren’t they?