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Agreed. And I have to say, as someone who lives in a much larger country than Wales, I did find the drama about moving to “the end of/the other side of” the country a bit amusing. If my family moved to the other side of the country, it would be 3000 miles, a 6+ hour plane ride away :grin: :wink:


Mind you, it’s very uppy-downy. :wink:


And possibly if you get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle, it probably feels like the other end of the world! :slight_smile:


Quite. But at least you just get to tuck in behind them - that way everyone has to move over for them and you don’t have to worry. Or is that bad driving etiquette?


I’m assuming Dani is staying in Michelle and Meical’s house with Britney. Maybe Jac will move in as well? That will free up a space in Lolo’s house. Will Dylan move in? He is looking for a place to stay but then again I don’t think Mathew would allow it.

It was great to see Mr. Lloyd. I actually teared up a bit. The character (and actor) just seems like a good guy. Plus his pronunciation is wonderful for learners.

I am invested in Lowri/Philip. We can all agree that Lowri deserves better than Kelvin. I just don’t see Philip agreeing to becoming a couple. It goes against everything that has happened to him with his wife.

I’ve been watching for almost 2 years now I think. Terry is definitely the best character on this show. He’s so understanding and level headed. I don’t know how he puts up with Glenda though. She seems to be permanently upset about something.


Definitely one of the better ones, although I also like Vince and Ken.

You can’t not like Iris, although she annoys me the way she (usually) lets Arthur walk all over. Occasionally she gets the better of him.

Glenda … well, a gossip and a busybody, probably a snob.

If you search on Youtube you can probably find some really old footage of Terry and Glenda getting married. It was well before my time, and I found it by chance. Interesting to see them back then; still recognisable. I think however, they were relatively old when they got married (which suggests that Sophie perhaps isn’t Terry’s biological daughter. Also might explain why they fostered several children together, because by the time they got married, they were too old to have their own biological children together.

But the uncertain parentage situation on RaR reminds me of that old Lance Percival pseudo-calypso song: “Gossip Calypso”, which had a refrain that went:

“Your Daddy ain’t your Daddy but your Daddy don’t know.
Oh oh oh
Shame and scandal in de family
Oh oh oh
Your Daddy ain’t your Daddy but your Daddy don’t know…”

Pretty much sums up much of RaR!

I could see them being a couple in another place, but not around here. It would all be too difficult.

He always seems to speak a more careful, more old fashioned style of Welsh. The actor is also an interesting character. Has done a lot if you google.

I’m terminally confused about where Dani is living at any given time. Jac too, come to that.
I suppose Dani floats in and out of Michelle and Meical’s house because she’s family, and it sometimes looks like she’s living there when she’s actually just visiting.

There is also the question of who owns the house that Michelle and Meical live in. Do they?
Or do they just rent it? It wouldn’t surprise me if Dani owned it, probably thanks to Wyn’s guilt-ridden generosity. (Guilty because he presumably abandoned Dani as an infant. Dani trades on this and treats him like a permanently available ATM).


I found this rather nice animated GIF of Arthur on the RaR Facebook page:

There are more here:



I see that the RaR team have changed the Facebook cover picture to be this:

So, obviously the Lowri-Philip-Kelvin love triangle is the main cliffhanger story (as we kind of knew, anyway, of course).

Note that they say it’s coming back on 11.09.2018.
(My birthday! :slight_smile: Diolch, RaR).


Thanks for that! :slight_smile: It’s gonna be interesting…

(I had a millisecond of severe disappointment that it wasn’t going to be back until November until I remembered that you do your dates the other way around from the US! :blush: )


True. For us, 9.11 is the 9th of November. :slight_smile:


So, next Tuesday it’s back!

Looking at the programme summary on the “Amserlenni”, it looks like there are some new characters, and I fear some of our favourite characters may be about to leave…


Hwre! Thanks for the reminder! Where did you find the program summary? I didn’t find it on the S4C site. Who else might be leaving? :scream:


During the filming break in show time it appears Wil and Erin have completed their exams. How much longer can they be on the show? Their school/school problems storylines have ceased and their mom is solely focused on extorting money from Jon and wanting nothing to do with the kids. Sian is selling her house and seems to be taking the next step to move in with Jon. I think Sian is a great paternal figure for them so I could see her taking a role of trying to move them along (in a good way). As long as Rhys sticks around I don’t mind if Wil and Erin leave.

I know it is very early days but I don’t care for Lowri’s cousin and her family as a new storyline. It appears lestyn and Kylie will get together at some point. Probably the whole “I hate you but actually like you” young love storyline. I will say even through two episodes if the town is going to have a “bad boy” I much prefer the new kid to Jason. Then there is the dad who I don’t get good vibes from. He seems extremely shady and his wife is either in on it or completely clueless.


I quite like Gwenno. Have people noticed that the surname of the actor who plays her is “Gwynne”, same as the actor who plays Lowri? So I guess they are sisters, or possibly cousins in real life.
I think someone in episode 1 actually referred to them looking alike, which I thought was quite fun.

I think she has probably been guilty of spoiling her darling Iestyn though (did you see the adoring look on her face as she saw him off to school?).


Good question. They have changed things around since before the summer break, and I’m not sure how I found it…ah, I think this is the way:

(and not the “Clic” site), then click on Amserlenni: Next Tuesday

Click on Rownd a Rownd and Bob’s your ewythr! :slight_smile:

I’m not certain now who I was thinking of: probably Lowri and Philip, but they don’t seem to have left, after all.


I’ve seen the first episode but not the second one yet. I don’t like that the nasty boy is named Iestyn! :angry:[quote=“Xcrunner10, post:1274, topic:578”]
there is the dad who I don’t get good vibes from. He seems extremely shady and his wife is either in on it or completely clueless

Agreed. Wondering why the whole family needs a fresh start somewhere new…seems to me it’s about more than whatever trouble Iestyn got into at his previous school.


Well, we know that the dad (whose name I’ve forgotten, and I don’t feel inclined to bother to look it up), was “playing away” in the last series. Lowri had referred to her cousin Gwenno in the last series, but we hadn’t seen her. However, I think she did bump into Gwenno’s husband one day in the last series, with “another woman”. He made some excuse I think, but it was obvious that something was “going on”.

At the time, Lowri had just started, or was just contemplating starting, her affair with Philip. However, you could see that the sight of someone else having an affair (and the disapproval it led to - from “The K’s” if I remember correctly - they got to hear about it), gave her pause for thought.


So “Lowri” and “Gwenno” are indeed sisters in real life.

Interesting about her being married to “Vince”! :slight_smile:


Diolch am hynny! :grinning:


Sbia hefyd: