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Not sure if I posted this before: this is an older article, just about “Lowri” and the real Lowri:

Establishes (if there was any doubt) that “Lowri”/Lowri is a real gog. Therefore so was Elen.

I’m interested because I’ve found the speech of Gwenno’s/Carwyn’s family to be relatively neutral in terms of north-south. I’ve noticed some southern structures in Iestyn’s speech, but that’s about it. No doubt someone with a better ear for accents would be able to judge more accurately.

We read in the Cymry Fyw article that Elen went to Cardiff university. That might have influenced her speech, especially if she remained in the area after uni, as students sometimes do. (Don’t know if Lowri also went there; it’s not mentioned in that article).

In the story, we know that Gwenno, Carwyn et al have moved from elsewhere. I can’t remember if it was ever specified from where, but presumably from the south, or at least more south than “Glanrafon”.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on the speech of Gwenno and her family?


I’ve just got s far as noticing more stereotypically southern structures & accent in his speech and not in hers, so mentally pigeonholed them as him Hwntw, her Gog, but I haven’t yet paid enough attention to the kids. I … think they sound more southern than is usual for Glanrafon?


Oh na! She deserves better than him, unless he cleans up in the near future.

On the other hand, we’ve now seen Jason putting the moves on Anest, and she seems fairly receptive. (And Erin is “not amused”.)

I like Anest quite a bit so far. She seems to be always cheerful and up-beat, and basically a “good child” – happy to help her family and so on.

How old are the children supposed to be? I’m not good at judging ages, but I’d guess that Iestyn is a year or two older than Anest? 17 and 15, perhaps?

Interesting! Her speech always sounded not quite gog to me.

Though I’ve now also heard that “Gwenno” is from the north while the actors playing the other three family members (father, son, daughter) are from the south.

Aberaeron was mentioned recently, which is in Ceredigion, i.e. roughly central Wales. (About 15 miles from Tresaith, of Bwtcamp fame.)


She deserves much better…and I don’t see him cleaning up anytime soon. He’s got a bad attitude, for sure!

I’m a bit confused about ages, too…Iestyn is in school but it doesn’t seem that Anest is, because she seems to be helping with Yr Ardd during the day. Or maybe I’ve got that wrong…


Ah, true.

That would also make her a better “match” (age-wise) for Jason, then.

And a small language point: I was interested to hear this bit of dialogue:

(Robbie:) O, Mam!

(Lowri:) Paid ag “o-mamio” fi!

i.e. “Don’t ‘oh, mam’ me!” - turning the phrase into an impromptu verb with the versatile -io suffix!


I’m catching up on episodes as I usually wait until Friday/Saturday to watch the episodes that way I can watch both of them without delay. That shows how impatient I am lol.

Did we ever find out what happened between Dylan and Llio at university? Carys didn’t seem to want Dylan’s help with the website. Maybe it will come up if/when Carys and Dylan start working together.

I want to know what lestyn knows about his family. He clearly doesn’t want to be involved in the “happy families” charade. Bankruptcy or close to it? Money laundering? Is Carwyn a terrible book keeper?

I don’t want Anest to get involved with Jason. He has nothing to offer her and the last thing a sweet girl like her needs is for Erin to be smoldering in the background.


Are there, among the peoples of the north, gogs, real gogs, and then supergogs? Is there an East / West aspect to this? Rural/urban? Coastal /inland? Maybe height above sea-level?




Good point.

After how she acted in the Iolo/Llio relationship, you do not want Erin smoldering in the background of yours!


I think it’s a combination of altitude and latitude, like alpine plants: you’re only properly Gog when you’re above the chdi-line.


Yes, I liked that too! :slight_smile:


I don’t think we got the full story. From what I can remember, they had been going out, and it would appear that it was Dylan who dumped Llio rather than the other way around. But (IIRC) this was when they were at university. Llio has been a qualified teacher for quite a few years now (all the time I’ve been watching), so surely that was ancient history…?

She didn’t at first. However, then she kind of became reconciled to it. But I’m still not convinced she’s totally happy about it, so perhaps you are right, and more will come out later.


When Dylan first appeared he was a student teacher, wasn’t he? He and several others came to get their classroom hours, or something like that - dim and distant are the memories. He may have even been newly qualified. I remember in his interview for his job now, Matthew was very keen to point out how new he was and how little actual experience he had. So I’m presuming that he and Llio didn’t study their PGCE together, or do a BA Ed together, as she was already an established and experienced teacher. Must have been studying other things in previous lives!
Completely possible of course, just an assumption on my part because they were at Uni together.


That’s my assumption as well. It may have been explained at the time, and I missed it / misunderstood it, but I assume they did some sort of first degree at the same time.
After university, Llio must have gone on to do (presumably) a PGCE and then entered the teaching profession. Dylan may have gone on to do something else, and then later decided to become a teacher. (Maybe his first career was in IT, since his expertise in IT has come up a few times).

We must also allow for a certain amount of literary / dramatic license in order to allow certain slightly questionable plotlines to appear to work. :slight_smile:


Dydd Iau 18 Hydref - Thursday 18 October:

I thought it funny when Iestyn (*), in a moody sulk as usual, corrected Gwenno’s “llefrith” to “llaeth”. :slight_smile:

(*) - That’s Iestyn, fictional son of fictional Gwenno, of course, not Iestyn, one of the real life SSiW superheroes. :slight_smile:


Found this by chance:

A full list of character names and the full names of the actors. (As of January 2018)

(I wanted to find out for sure Dylan’s surname, and then realised that the characters only have their first names in the end credits. The above list has the full names.


Rownd a Rownd Cafe. I think I worried a few people when I took the photo.


Any sign of any filming going on?

Meanwhile, back in “Glanrafon”…wps Dylan! - Cold shower young man!

(Same for Philip, come to think).


No, there were loads of workers decorating the shops. Also the house next door was having its gable end painted. Not sure if related to RaR.


Has Barry learned his lesson now about how “Shoot first, ask questions later” might not always be wise?

Was Siân wise not to take both of them to court but to let things slide? What will Mags do now?

Kylie’s and Britney’s hair has got really long!

If Kelvin needed to borrow money to pay the deposit, how’s he going to pay for the rest of the sum?