Rownd a Rownd


Yep - I’m a southern learner, and when I first started watching, I couldn’t understand a word which was disappointing because at that point I had let go of the subtitles on PYC. I just decided to use the subtitles on R&R and not worry too much. After a while it just settled in, as it did with PYC.


Saw Kylie (and her mum :wink: ) in the Galeri on Sunday - she said she might be up for popping into the forum to say hello at some point over Christmas (if her mother clears the bribe of an alcopop :wink: )…

Anything in particular you’d like to ask her? :slight_smile:


I struggle ditto-wise with PyC, but (even as a Gog learner for some years now, and RaR viewer for almost as long, I’d struggle without at least the Welsh subtitles, most of the time. I can get the “gist” without subtitles, but I usually prefer to get more than the gist, so I have to revert to at least Welsh subtitles, and more often that I’d like to admit, English ones as well.

Edit: I used to find Meical the most difficult. But now he’s gone, it would have to be Iolo, Philip, and occasionally, Matthew.

But tonight (6.12.2018) I was even finding Lowri difficult, while watching Welsh subtitles.


Does “Kylie” fancy “Iestyn”? I think she does. But there is a love-hate thing going on there at the moment. (“hate” being too strong a word, really). Also, will “Kylie” go to university? At one point it sounded as though her character’s mum (“Kay”) would not hear of it, but Kay is unusually selfish and egotistical. (Kylie’s dad, Ken, is the opposite, and I’m sure would be wrth ei modd to have his little girl go to uni.


Thanks for the comments on understanding - I have to remind myself it took 18 months of Pobol watching to switch off the subtitles (and not all the time even now) so it is going to take a bit of time. And all good practice!



Well, Philip and Lowri seem fated not to end up with any, ahem, nooky time.

Meanwhile, Dani seems to be well on the way to rumbling Lowri. Dani is odd in some ways. e.g. first she was all over Mags, but then noticed her sniffing around ty Wyn, and immediately turned on her. Similarly, she was full of concern for Lowri, but is now interrogating her like a detective.