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Saith Seren, Wrecsam


Back to a normal evening last night after the excitement of the christmas party last week. There were some nice compliments being thrown around after the interviews were aired on Dal Ati:Bore Da Sunday morning so well done again to @lynnbateman, a star in the making. :blush:

We won’t be there next Monday for obvious reasons but we’ll be back “on it” from the new year.


Well back to saith seren tonight and a good chat with someone new.

Even better, another group starting tomorrow in Flint which i hope to attend.


Since the loss of Siop y Siswrn in Wrexham after the disgusting decision by our council to close the people’s market Saith Seren have teamed up with a shop from Oswestry (Cwmwl I think) and will have a pop up shop once a month at first to see how things go. The first one will be on Friday afternoon. If you are able please come down to support this new venture.


I thought, on TV, they said the closure was temporary, for repairs or development or something! How come they haven’t made arrangements for the stall-holders in the interim? I do hope the pop-up venture is successful!


Big turn out tonight. Great chat with @Bob and nice to see @dannywithington too :slight_smile: Gave Clive a lift back to Flint and another chance to chat in Welsh.

Ardderchog! :slight_smile:


Glad to see pop-up shop on Dal.ati!


I missed the cameras by seconds. :disappointed: That would have been Welsh T.V. appearance number 7. :smiley:


Lle wyt ti heno. Cyfle i wrando ar barddoniaeth…errrr…wnes i adael yn gynnar :wink:


I’m working nights young man, it’s the bane of the shift worker. :cry:


Young man?

wyt ti wedi colli dy sbectol?


It is all a matter of perspective dyn ifanc!


I wasn’t working last night so I went along … It was a great night. Only a handful of people turned up last (about 8) night but it made it more personal and we had a really good laugh.

Remember … 19:15ish to whenever every Monday night.


I forgot to comment on this week’s gathering … Some very interesting conversations and lots of laughs as usual. Something very interesting though, I’m currently waiting to hear off a very talented Welsh star in regards to an evening of entertainment here in y Saith Seren. This person is a close friend to SSiW so I’m really looking forward to it. More details (and an open invitation to all) to follow hopefully very soon (as soon as I have confirmation).


This week’s gathering was one of the best so far in my opinion. It’s half term this week so as a result all the Welsh classes are off so some of the teachers decided to bring some of their willing students to y Saith Seren to practice a bit. Well, we spotted some fresh blood and descended on them quite mercilessly, eager to have a chat and encourage some Welsh conversation. Really enjoyable. :blush:


Brilliant! They must have been hugely encouraged! Dysgu Cymraeg and you can join in wonderful gatherings with folk who are really, really welcoming!


Further to the teaser a couple of weeks ago we have had confirmation and I’ve knocked up a poster today. Be aware at this stage that this is a first draft so there MAY be a very small charge on the door.

Please, please, please come along to this event if you can.


Are you thinking of going, Ger? :notes:


Of course, 100%. I’ve arranged it for one of my days off so I don’t miss it. :blush:


Oh amazing. Mini bwtcamp this weekend, sgwrs a chân, parti ssiw, another mini bwtcamp.


Can’t believe you actually answered me after my ‘innocent whistling’…:wink: