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Saith Seren, Wrecsam


Is that what that was?

Perfect chance for people to make it from farther afield. :blush:


Final draft of the poster, spelling mistake corrected, image changed further up in the thread, confirmed to be a free event.


What a brilliant night again … lots of great stories, jokes, anecdotes, etc. There was even a brief appearance on the telebox by yours truly. :blush:

Don’t forget about Manon Steffan Ros being here next Monday night.


Gwibdaith Hen Fran are at Saith Seren on Friday night, and my whole family are slightly big fans after having them playing in the car on rather a lot of the last few months school runs!
Does anybody know what Saith Serens policy is with regards to children coming to something like this? I’d not bring the youngest children, just the 9 and 12 year olds, but am perfectly happy to come by myself (ha, it would be a rare night away from the children!!) but I also know they’d be unbelievably excited if they could see Gwibdaith Hen Fran perform live! (and of course it’s all about education, helps with my Welsh!)


You can give them a call to ask before hand … 01978 447006. I really don’t know what their policy is and don’t want to give my personal opinion.

Good luck. :wink:


Many thanks for that, will ring to see what they say.


Just wondering how you got on Rich, have you phoned?

Also, I’ll take this opportunity to remind everyone about the night with MSR on Monday. It really will be too good to miss.


No, annoyingly something’s cropped up that means I can’t make it tonight (dad’s the taxi for eldest daughter :neutral_face: so that’s several hours of my evening down the…) At least I can have Radio Cymru on while I drive though!
However, there shouldn’t be any reason for me not to be able to make it along on Monday. Fingers crossed for that!


Ok guys, Manon Steffan Ros is in y Saith Seren (the old Seven Stars) in Wrexham tonight. We’re aiming for a 7 o’clock start. There will be a prize raffle too. There will be food (salt and vinegar or cheese and onion) and drinks (well, it is a bar after all) available. There are also indoor toilets with hot and cold running water. We are proud to say that there is also a choice of sitting positions possible on the seats, (both feet on the floor or cross legged for example, but for the comfort of others please refrain from lying stretched out on the bench if at all possible). Sorry, no dogs or Australians. Thank you.


First off, I forgot to mention the Manon Steffan Ros evening in this thread. Without going into too many details it was brilliant with a very reasonable turn out. We didn’t charge on the door but there was a raffle that sold a lot of tickets and, after paying Manon her fee, managed to make a small profit (which is never the purpose of our group, we see it as a way of attracting more people to use the Saith Seren). We will definitely be asking Manon to do another night for us in the future. :star:


Now onto Monday night, this week was obviously a bank holiday so, as expected, there was a smaller turnout than usual but it made for a better group conversation. Apart from a great chat one thing I did get out of it was the realisation that I’m ready to make the move from buying Lingo Newydd to maybe getting a subscription for Golwg after someone brought a copy along. We’ll see how that goes down with the boss (£1.75 a week instead of every two months :blush:). We spoke briefly about the rumour that Saith Seren is struggling again but we’re happy that our little Monday evening group has done so much over the years to support this valuable venture. In fact, thinking about it, even with all the entertainment we’ve paid for never mind just our usual Monday evening gathering (we must have put literally £thousands over the bar) I’m not sure we’ve had anyone really thanking us as a group, that would be nice sometime, but never mind, eh, that’s not why we do it I guess. One of the guys there is trying to organise an evening with Siân James, so watch this space. :blush:


One day I’ll make it along, everything’s a bit of a whirlwind at the moment but one day…


If this is your group, @gruntius, (which I presume it is) then you’ll be happy to read they’ve published a note yesterday with this “thank you” included:

One organization that has supported Saith Seren wonderfully is ‘Clwb Clebran’, a group of learners and fluent speakers who come every Monday evening for an informal chat, and organise regular evenings of entertainment. We’re also lucky to have special staff, especially Nia Jones, and local bands that attract customers each week.

The whole publishing you can read scrolling down their Facebook Site


Did Manon enjoy herself? (So that hopefully she can’t wait to go back).
Very little chance, realistically, of my making it to SS, although maybe, one day…


I’m joining the clwb. :slight_smile:


I really hope she did, she looked like she did, she said she did. And more importantly, we all enjoyed her being there. Yes, I hope she’ll be back for another evening sometime soon.


My first time attending for a couple of weeks due to my holiday and such a good night to return. Someone in the group has an exam coming up so we were talking grammar, revision and the importance of speaking outside of the classroom as well as all manner of other stuff.

Monday nights from 7:15, bring a friend. :blush:


Well, I have been going to Saith Seren for just over two years now (since April 2015, when I was 4 months into SSiW) and not looked back. A hundred mile round trip from Lancashire, but well worth the journey. To be clear, my regular visits are to the “Clwb Clebran” chat group on a Monday night but I also sometime go on other nights when there are events on.

Thanks to @gruntius for the inital inspiration to go there (in a thread here back in 2015). No regrets and I still always get a warm welcome, even if I do sometimes accidentally dislodge tables and drinks :blush:

To anyone thinking of coming over, just do it - your Welsh will grow a pair of wings :smile:


Saith Seren got a plug this morning on S4C in Dal Ati! i’d guess it’s old material, but good advertising anyway!


It all got a bit political for a while last night but that’s understandable considering what’s happening this week. We all came out of it unscathed so that’s ok. There was a new face too, although I didn’t get chance to chat to her unfortunately.

Monday from 7:15 onwards, bring a friend (and sweets to share obviously).