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Saith Seren, Wrecsam


The wonderfully talented Meilir Gwilym will be performing in y Saith Seren on the 16th (next Friday). Sadly, l will be working a night shift.


Another great night with almost 20 people there including a couple of new starters having done lessons since September, needless to say they had SSiW thrust down their throats for half the night.

I’ve heard news of a field trip from Machynlleth coming on the 26th which I’m looking forward to.


I’ve just had confirmation of the field trip from Machynlleth so I’lll try to get a photo to post here later.

I’m looking forward to tonight. :smile:


There you go. What a great night.

Thanks to @BronwenLewis, @helenlindsay and @Isata for having the enthusiasm to travel so far just for a little chat in Welsh. I hope it was worth the effort. :grinning:


Absolutely! Lovely place, great crowd (and I mean crowd) of exuberant Welsh speakers - what more could you want on a Monday night? We’ve put our names down for the Christmas party already…


Well worth the effort! Diolch yn fawr iawn to you all!


Yes, a great evening, with real (not stilted) conversations and an invitation to the Christmas party! Thoroughly enjoyed myself and want to go again soon. Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Sorry I missed this!


Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve posted in here so, probably to most people’s annoyance, I’m going to post again. I had quite a while off going because of a two week holiday and then loads of overtime covering other people’s holidays but I ventured back last week and again this week.

I’m not sure if this bit would be better off in the ‘spreading the word’ thread but there’s a small group (3 people) who have decided to not go back to a classroom lesson (they really didn’t make the improvements they were hoping for) and are setting off down the SSiW route. I’m excited to see their progress over the next few weeks and months.

The group is really going from strength to strength and seems to be about 20 regulars now. There’s always room for more though. Monday nights from 7:15 on. Turn up whenever, drink whatever, talk about whatever, leave whenever.


Absolutely awesome. SO keen to get over for one of these, one of these days… :slight_smile:


You know you’ll always be welcome. Let me know when and there’ll be a pint in for you.


Be warned, sir. I plan on drinking two.


Then you’d better bring some money.


Last night there were another two new faces, one lady and her 18 week old baby. You see a different side of people when there’s a tiny human in the room, wonderful to see.

Also I had a chat with one of the newish starters, she’s been there a handful of times before but I’d never had a good chance for a one on one before. It turns out she’s been living on the same street as me for almost 3 years. THE SAME STREET! FOR 3 YEARS! I swear I go through life wearing a blindfold sometimes. She’s up to challenge 6 and doing really well. :slight_smile:

Happy times.


You know, given your distinctive facial adornment which appears in SSiW pics quite often, you are quite lucky that she did not come up to you and say, “Helo, dw i wedi gweld dy ar y Forum!”


I am surprised that she didn’t say “Helo, dwi wedi dy weld di ar y stryd!” given that I either walk or drive past her house every day and have done for the last 3 years. :smile:


Do you live in a town? It would be hard to imagine in a village in Wales!


No, in a village but I guess she doesn’t spend all day waiting by the window just to nose at who goes past.


in our village, the grape vine told who was moving in as soon as they’d made an offer on the house. They got lots of visits during move, offering sustenance and help with finding useful help - builder, hairdresser, etc. Invites to village festivities, meetings etc…! Oh, I just got friends dropping by, as i had been an honorary villager for years of staying with ‘auntie’!


Last night was really quite entertaining, maybe because there was actually less there, I’m guessing because of the weather. There was an impromptu game of eye-spy, a chat about 80s music among other things, and a lot of laughs.

I’m working nights for the next two weeks so I’m going to miss it, gutted.

Please call down if you are in the area, it’s free. :slight_smile: