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Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)


I have finished Challenge one and I’ll aim to do Challenge two on Thursday. So far so good!


Signed up, thanks Richard Huw Morgan, was your name I used. Looking forward to learning :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


I’m always mentioning SSIW in conversations, so I might as well sign up!
Katerina Pavlakis


Lisa Parry


Am I right in thinking that the first 15 challenges of Level 1 are still free, so someone could potentially try a couple before deciding to subscribe? Would they just need to register for free first? Is there a link I can give out (other than the 6-min sign-up page)?


Yes indeed they are.- and try giving this:


Yes, that’s absolutely right - will take them to the 5 mini-challenges as a taster, and then after that they can access the first 15 by clicking on ‘Learn’ and then ‘Challenges’ :slight_smile:


Signed up and just managed to complete Challenge 1!


Amanda Taylor … Please feel free to use my name for the offer … only 6 weeks in on the 6 minute a day course and I am loving it . A complete novice but I really feel confident I will get there in the end this way … it’s fun and an excellent way to learn. Every new challenge I think nah I’m not going to remember this one then yes I get it ( after practice and lots of mistakes obviously ! we are told you don’t have to master it all … just get a bit at a time. . Highly recommend :blush: Good luck


Deirdre Martin


In looking forward to being able to speak welsh and doing this course, programme sounds great - Annelise Oughton


Fran Lewis. Doing say something in welsh app. Bit confused about all the options and what I can access for my monthly subscription though? Diolch


Welcome Fran! You may benefit from looking here where @aran outlines it in detail.


Adea K Love.

I’m very excited to be part of this community and saying something other than “Good morning, how are you?” in Welsh soon. Sharing! :blush:


Count me in Mikael Swayze! Just signed up and loving SsiW! Diolch yn fawr!


Fab prizes, great idea - Victoria Bancroft


Barry Fôn here. It’s a shame you aren’t sending my people my lovely cousin’s album :wink: I hope lots of people sign up!


Great Idea. Denise Doney aka Den


Hwyl fawr pawb, Mihangel ydw i :wave:t3: Dw i jest wedi corfrestru, a dw i’n edrych ymlaen i ddechrau y cwrs :nerd_face:


Kim Hopkins (Facebook acc Beryl Richards!)